Faces In Different Places Teaser

  • I cant explain how shitty the 15/16 winter season was for ontario.

    [vimeo id="190182195" align="center" maxwidth="1200"]

    Such lack of snow for all our major cities, in fact it never snowed.. BUT, some how we were able to find it. I felt like by the end of it we could replace the weather mans job, cause we did it better. Through a ton of twist and turns along the way, this year has been one of the best. I had a blast filming all the these great dudes. In my eyes, these are some of the best ontario riders to date. I hope I can keep doing this forever. - Joel

    - Ontario premiere : facebook.com/events/134160450391549/
    - Online Premiere : November 13th 2016


    Martyn Vachon
    Geoff Bowler
    Daniel Glibota
    Ben Poechman
    Kody Williams
    Bryan Bowler
    Joel Vachon
    Lenny Mazzotti
    Cameron Veenstra
    Hayden Edwards
    Keenan Norton
    Cooper Dykeman

    Supported by the best:

    Switch Skate & Snow
    Salmon arms
    Beaver wax
    Dinosaurs will die

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