Exclusive Interview With Xavier De La Rue

  • DOB: 7/1/79
    Sponsors: The North Face, Swatch, Rossignol , Relentless Energy, Smith Optics, Deeluxe, Recco, ABS, Saint Lary, SNCF

    Facebook: xvdelerue/facebook

    Site: www.xavierdelerue.com

    Considering what you have accomplished so far, what are your goals for the future?
    Don't worry I have new ideas. I have a great trip coming up by the end of the year, to Antarctica. it feels like it's the trip of my life, can't wait, but can't tell you more about it yet 😉
    Do you like the direction that the sport of snowboarding has gone in since you could remember?
    For sure in the last few years, back country and big mountain have really been back in snowboarding and that has brought a great evolution in the gear the minds the perception of the people etc...
    What board are you going to be riding in the12/13 season?
    I have been working on my next pro-model which is completely different from my previous board with Rossignol, so I'll be riding that and I can't wait! The board is a weapon!
    Whats the hardest thing about your job?
    Being told you are gonna die all the time! After a while you start believing it and it is really hard then to put things in order in your head and judge what you do through your own perception
    What movies are u in?
    standard films 2112, TB20 and the new timeline films called white noise coming out online on October the 20th... (more or less)
    Any nutrition secrets?
    pyrenean dry sausage, duck foie gras... good all natural fat haha!
    What are you doing when your not snowboarding?
    I am paragliding, spending time with my daughter, I surfed a lot this year too!
    At what age did you start snowboarding? Were you on Ski's first?
    13...of course got bored by skiing before
    Family...What does it mean to you?
    It's the ground base of life i think, the thing that makes life more important
    What is something that a lot of people don't know about you?
    How shy I can be...spend too much time in the highs I guess
    What were you doing for work before you went pro?
    Got sponsored too early to really get a proper job, been quite lucky
    How many days do you get to ride a year?
    4-5...haha maybe 60-80? no idea. i spend way too much time in planes, that's a certainty, and i would ride a lot more without that
    Favorite trick?
    Bad ass straight lines
    Favorite workout?

    THIS IS MY WINTER (full movie english) from TimeLine Film on Vimeo.

    Ice or snow, Xavier de le Rue best sessions.
    “At this time of the year last season, with my friends Guido, Tero and Matthieu we’ve decided to create our own movie production company called TimeLine Film.
    With the support of my partners we have released a web serie during the season. We’ve tried to document more than just the action and show people what it takes as effort, luck and commitment to get the best possible big mountain video part in TB20 from Standard Films. Although the snow conditions were terrible in Europe last winter we hoped all season long we could have enough unseen action and interesting backstage material to come up with a movie and have a chance to share our experience. Here it is, THIS IS MY WINTER !”
    Xv de le Rue

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