Exclusive Interview With Stale Sandbech

  • Name: Stale Sandbech
    D.O.B: 3 June 1993
    Sponsors: Oakley, Burn, Rome, ThirtyTwo, Hoppipolla
    Instagram : @Stalesandbech

    A little life story please... Popped out to the big world 3rd of june 1993, probably pain in the face cry baby for a couple of years. Started snowboarding when I was 8 and since then that is pretty much what I have been doing + a bunch of other shit.... to be continued.

    Considering what you have accomplished so far, what are your goals for the future? My future goals right now, is to podium more this season and try to win the XGames.

    Do you like the direction that the sport of snowboarding has gone in since you could remember? Well, both yes and no. But I guess this it how it has to be for the sport to progress.

    What board are you going to be riding in the12/13 season? Rome Agent and Rome MOD

    Whats the hardest thing about your job? Hardest thing is to wake up early in the morning and go to the airport, but I wouldn't say it is that bad 🙂

    Any nutrition secrets? Oatmeal in the morning.

    What are you doing when your not snowboarding? Skateboarding, Surfing, hanging with the homies, traning, and some partytime 🙂

    At what age did you start snowboarding? Were you on Ski's first? I started snowboarding when I was 8. I used to do cross country skiing before that, but when I got into snowboarding I threw them away.

    Family...What does it mean to you? Family means everything. They made me who I am and I can always trust them. They are the best!

    Do you have any trips already planned for the12/13 season that you're stoked about? I will be in Colorado before Christmas and that is always a blast. Most people are there and the parks are so good.

    What were you doing for work before you went pro? I was in school, so I never had a job before snowboarding.

    How many days do you get to ride a year? I actually don't know... I should start keep track of it.

    Favorite mountain/run? Breck

    Favorite trick? Bs 180 Japanair

    Favorite workout? When you are done training and lifting your arm up to drink a bunch of chocolate milk.

    Stale Sandbech - triple underflip 1260 from stale sandwich on Vimeo.


    edit: Kasper Haggstrøm
    film: Kasper, Frode, Petter
    location: Vierli
    date: 29.04.2012
    shaper: Odd Roar Solerød
    people: Erlend, Jonas, Petter, Olav, Kasper, Frode, Len, Fredrik, Alek, Boffer, Odd Roar, Markus, Jørn Simen, Mads, Halvard...

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