Exclusive Interview With Sina Candrian

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    Considering what you have accomplished so far, what are your goals for the future?

    My goal for the future is to ride always with pleasure and style. On the competition site I would love to stand on the podium at the European Winter X Games. Next season is the podium at the Olympic games a big goal for me. But as well I would like to film more and do some more photo shootings in the backcountry.  My home resort is laax, so I have the best opportunity to ride in the park or shred the backcountry.

    Do you like the direction that the sport of snowboarding has gone in since you could remember?

    I think there were a lot of changes. The sport and the industry got older and more serious. Today it is not easy to be a snowboarder and it became a hard and really professional sport. There are more crazy tricks to do for winning a competition! I really like the progression in our sport. We are still a big snowboard family and thats why I love to be a snowboard pro.

    What board are you going to be riding in the12/13 season?

    I am riding the Head Snowboard Glame I Rocka.

    Whats the hardest thing about your job?

    It is hard to say but I think to deal with the different time zone can be horrible! But i won't complain I really love my job!

    What movies are u in?

    Last year I was filming with the European Lipstick Production and we made a movie called Eurotic. I have a really small part in it.

    This year I won't film with any production. I will make some clips by my own and post it on my Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/sinacandrian.

    Also, I will film with Head and the Laax crew!

    Any nutrition secrets?

    Hm I don't think so! Maybe; I am a little crazy vegetarian?!

    What are you doing when your not snowboarding?

    I am study pedagogic in Chur. As I am not often in school i have a big fight with the school director!

    In my free time I love to play tennis, go skating or play beach volleyball. As well I am a big fan of art!

    At what age did you start snowboarding? Were you on Ski's first?

    I started to snowboarding when I was five years old. Yes, I did some skiing from the age of three till I was six.

    I liked to race down the slopes with the ski but I realized snowboarding is way more cooler then skiing!

    sina candrian pro snowboarder
    Family...What does it mean to you?

    Family is the biggest part of life. I have a really cool family. I learned snowboarding with my mum and my dad showed us some skills.

    Today i don't ride often with them. When I am back home in Flims I see them often. When I am away I skype or text a lot with my three years younger brother Men.

    I just can say I really like my family and it is always nice to spend some times with them.

    Do you have any trips planned for the 13 season that you're stoked about?

    Wow I am always on trips. I will go to Russia for the first time. As well i will go back to Colorado for the US Open and for the Miss Superpark Session.

    After this I will compete in the European X Games in Tignes, France! And and.... i will be on the road a lot.
    In the summer time i will spend some weeks in France at the atlantic coast with my friends. I like to surf but I am super scarred of crayfish.

    As well I will visit a summer X Games event in Europe!

    What is something that a lot of people don't know about you?

    It is hard to say but i can be pretty shy!

    What were you doing for work before you went pro?

    I still went to school when I turned to be a a pro!

    How many days do you get to ride a year?

    I never counted but I think it is about 100 days- but this is just an estimation.

    Favorite mountain/run?

    I love to ride back home in Laax, it is the best mountain!

    In Laax you find a lot of cool runs! On of my favorite slope is called Grauberg!
    Favorite trick?
    I really like to do powder slashes! There are many tricks I really love to do!
    But my new trick is a bs 5 and I think it is a nice trick to do and feels good in the air!
    Favorite workout?
    I love to do Yoga! There are many different workouts i love to do, per example tennis, skateboarding, biking etc. I really don't like leg presses!

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