Exclusive Interview with Nathan Johnstone

  • DOB: Feb 9th, 1990

    Sponsors: Ripcurl, Nitro

    Twitter: @Nate_Johnstone

    Facebook: Nate Johnstone

    Site: www.nathanjohnstone.com

    Considering what you have accomplished so far, what are your goals for the future? My goals for the future is to just keep getting consistent results like I have had this winter, My riding is feeling really good at the moment, just need to stay focused and keep getting it done. Stay uninjured and healthy leading into the Olympics next year In Russia.


    Do you like the direction that the sport of snowboarding has gone in since you could remember? Yeah snowboarding has changed a lot since i first started snowboarding almost 13 years ago. A lot of people would say that snowboarding is not as core as it used to be, but for the sport to grow and become more mainstream and it needed to go down the path it has. And I'm totally cool with that, it has meant that more money has been invested into the sport resulting in more publicity which has allowed us to make a living out of snowboarding, which is pretty rad!


    What board are you going to be riding in the12/13 season? I have been riding the Nitro Eero Ettala pro model. I’ll really like this board because of how strong and reliable it is. I do a lot of riding during the season and the this board has been the only one that has held up.


    Whats the hardest thing about your job? I think the hardest part for me is spending so much time away from home in Australia. We have to travel a long way to get to the northern hemisphere to go snowboarding so it makes taking a few days off here and there to go home impossible. But also keeping up with the progression of the sport is really tough, you gotta be out there every day working on new stuff just to keep at the top of your game.

    What movies are u in? I haven’t really done any filming.  All the training and competing makes it tough to get time to do filming. I would love to be able to be in a few films but at this stage in my career I’m happy with the busy life of competing. It's definitely something that I would love to get involved with though.


    Any nutrition secrets? No Secrets. You only get out of your body what you put in, so I do my best to eat healthy whilst I’m away overseas competing and training. All though it can be tough whilst your on the road. I take vitamins to help get the nutrition you cant always get and also to help prevent getting sick. And plenty of sleep!


    What are you doing when you’re not snowboarding? When I’m back home in Australia and not in Perisher snowboarding, I’m surfing pretty much everyday! I spend as much time as I can at the beach, having beers with friends and just relaxing. Because I spend so much time away from home I really try and use the time that i am here to catch up with friends and family. There's nothing better than summer in Australia!


    At what age did you start snowboarding? Were you on Ski's first? I started snowboarding around the age of 10. I did start skiing first from about 6 years old, but once I was older enough and strong enough to get on a board my dad bought me a little 126 Burton Chopper. I surfed and skateboarded from when I was really young and my dad is a keen surfer so it was inevitable for me to eventually get on a board.


    Family...What does it mean to you? Family is everything to me. I firstly wouldn’t be doing what I am today with out my mum and dad buying me a snowboard at the young age of 10. And without them buying me lessons and driving me 6 hours from Sydney to Perisher (my local mountain) to go riding every weekend. I owe a lot to them for all the support over the years.


    Do you have any trips planned for the 13 seasons that you're stoked about? Unfortunately not! Because it’s the qualifying year for the Olympics I’m kind of in overdrive qualifying and training to make sure I’m in the best shape coming into next season. Once the games are all over I'll be definitely trying to organize a well-deserved POW trip somewhere. Or maybe a surf holiday, who knows.


    What is something that a lot of people don't know about you? Nothing really. Im pretty open person.


    What were you doing for work before you went pro? I was doing a bit of work with my dad, unpacking/packing boxes at some local factory’s around my area. Boring stuff really, just trying to save up some cash to get back overseas and go snowboarding again.


    How many days do you get to ride a year? I probably spend about 150-200 days per year snowboarding. I try to stay on snow as much as possible, but having time off is also really important to make sure I have a healthy balance and that I’m rested and ready to get back on snow and get straight into it! When I've spent a couple of months back home and i get that itch to get back on my board it makes me appreciate how much I love what I do.


    Favorite mountain/run? My favourite mountain is probably my home resort Perisher. My favourite run would be the ridge, whenever we would get a decent snowfall that would be the first place we would head to to get some pow!. And northern hemisphere resort would have to be Breck or Vail. I spent a lot of time in breck its our northern hemisphere base so i guess its like a home away from home.


    Favorite trick? My favourite trick at the moment would have to be front double 10 truck driver. That trick just feels insane to do! I learn't the front double a few years ago, but only started doing them again recently and I was messing around with grabs one day and the truck driver grab ( Melon & Indy ) just felt really good and helped the rotation around.


    Favorite workout? Surfing for sure!  I don’t really enjoy working out, its more so one of those things that I have to do to make sure I’m fit and strong to prevent injury’s. But in saying that seeing the results of all the hard work you put in is pretty rewarding.




    • 7th FIS World Championships
    • 11th Aspen X Games
    • 1st Copper Mountain Grand Prix


    • 8th Copper Mountain Grand Prix
    • 5th TTR World Snowboard Championships
    • 1st Stoneham World Cup
    • 2nd FIS Mens Snowboard Halfpipe Overall Standings
    • 7th Burton European Open
    • 8th European X Games
    • 6th Breckenridge DewTour


    • NSWIS Ian Thorpe OAM Outstanding achievement Award
    • Suzuki Snowsports joint Athlete of the Year
    • 1st FIS World Cup Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe 10/11 season overall standings
    • 1st FIS World Cup Men’s Snowboard Freestyle 10/11 season overall standings
    • 5th FIS World Cup halfpipe – Arosa, Switzerland
    • 1st FIS World Cup halfpipe – Bardonecchia, Italy
    • 2nd FIS World Cup halfpipe – Calgary, Canada
    • 10th FIS World Cup halfpipe – Stoneham, Canada
    • 1st FIS World Cup halfpipe – Yabuli, China
    • 1st World Snowboard Championship – La Molina, Spain


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