Exclusive Interview with Alyona Alekhina

  • DOB: 19th of June 1988
    Sponsors: ROXY, Tornado Energy, Dragon, SkullCandy
    Considering what you have accomplished so far, what are your goals for the future? - Just keep living the life that makes me happy I think. Snowboard as long as I can and as long as it feels good. If it's not fun any more all of a sudden or does not work as good as it worked before then I have lots of other passions to follow.
    Do you like the direction that the sport of snowboarding has gone in since you could remember? - Well if you think about it, it's scary, like: "What's next?!" It's progressing so fast! But love it or not it you just can't stop it.

    What board are you going to be riding in the12/13 season? - Roxy Ollie-Pop, the one I've been riding every season since 2008! It's just super comfy for both half pipe and slope style and always has a rad design.

    Whats the hardest thing about your job? - The fact that sometimes you get injured.  It's also hard being away from home for too long. But now I usually find my way to catch up, like going to the ocean on a surf trip with my whole family at the end of the season.
    What movies are u in? - Like most of the girls, I think: magic love stories and stuff. I also love real stories, whatever they are. Love Russian comedies of 60-70ss actually.  It's a family thing. They are just brilliant inside out.

    Any nutrition secrets? - I am vegetarian. That's my secret.

    What are you doing when your not snowboarding? - Skateboarding, surfing, studying, learning languages, reading, playing my piano and guitar, spending time with my family, hanging out with best friends at home.
    At what age did you start snowboarding? Were you on Ski's first? - I know it sounds funny, but I tried snowboarding for the first time snowboarding when I was 17, and had my first real season only when I was 18. Before that I skied only like 3 or 4 times.
    Family...What does it mean to you? -  Everything. I think that family is the most important thing in life. And I am lucky - I have an amazing one!

    Do you have any trips already planned for the12/13 season that you're stoked about? - The whole month of February I am gonna spend in Sochi, Russia, at the Olympic resort. There are gonna be several FIS events like World Cup, both half pipe and slope style, and also some Roxy team shooting.  The whole resort is brand new and it's just opening now, so I am pretty excited about going there and seeing all that. Plus, that place is great because the snow conditions are awesome when it's dumping because it's close to the sea. A lot of time it's just Japan style powder! It's also pretty cool that Sochi is a seaside town with palm trees and all that, and it's pretty warm and sunny there even in February. Pretty rad!
    What were you doing for work before you went pro? - At the age of 16 I was a braids and dreadlocks maker. Later on I taught little kids basic English for a while.

    How many days do you get to ride a year?- Well, it depends. If I am not injured, or don't have to pass my exams at University, I ride all the time: snowboard, skate, surf. Doesn't matter.
    Favorite mountain/run? - I love Russian mountains a lot. I find them the most beautiful ones. Pity that we don't have any good snowboard parks. I also love Mt.Hood for Windell's park in the summertime and Laax in Switzerland in winter, because I once had the best powder days there.
    Favorite trick? - Hand plant. It's fun to be upside down standing just on your hand.
    Favorite workout? - Jogging along the beach when the sun is going down.

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