Dual Snowboards

  • Every year it seems like people are coming out with the next crazy thing to hit the slopes. First it was ski blades derived from skis, then it was a snow skate that looked like a skate board with a ski for wheels, there are snow scooters, snow bikes, snow trikes, snow everything we thought. Until now: Join me in welcoming the newest member to this crazy out-of-the-box-thinking product Dual Boards. This is essentially a snowboard cut in half from edge to edge and and looks like a mix between a snowboard and snow blades. This is a great concept and  would help people who want to learn how to snowboard just fine, but I don't think the technology is there right now to put this product on a double black diamond and feel safe about it. When you shorten the length of a snowboard, you sacrifice stability for maneuverability and that's why I wouldn't see this product going all over the mountain. However, this cool new invention is going to take off all over the world and you could be one of the first of your friends to be seen shredding the park with a set of dual boards. Check out this video for a good idea of what you'll be looking forward to.

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