DIY: CHAPTER 5 Mission Lofoten

  • With spring in the air, Xavier headed 3376KM north to the Lofoten Penisula in search of big lines descending directly into the sea, very cold surf and some dubious hunter gathering.


    The Lofoten peninsula is staggering in its beauty, amazing lines wherever you look- on a good snow year and let’s just say 2016 was not the best!  As a result, Xavier found himself en route to Unstad… surf spot.DCIM100GOPROG0023814.

    However, in the Tangstad fjord, just before you cross into the Unstad valley, Xavier spotted an immense couloir ascending directly from the sea


    Waiting for a weather window - which is surprisingly difficult in the Lofoten where you have four seasons in four minutes – Xavier and Beanie checked the snow conditions with a warm up couloir before a cool down in the surf.


    Finally a good window opened up and they headed across the beach, through the rocks before Xavier started his ascent up the ice rink, Mission Norway was finally on.


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