• Here we bring you DISRUPT, our first movie shot from the streets of Lake Tahoe and Canada to the back country of Japan and Australia. After initially beginning filming over a year ago, we were forced to stop filming due to injury, all plans were disrupted. After a year hiatus the crew regrouped and shovelled their asses off to bring this movie.

    Featuring // Scotty Twible, Harley Trivic, Andy Betts, Dean Ridi, Mark Hand, Miles Hume & Devan Peeters

    Filmed by // Scotty Twible, Devan Peeters, Dean Ridi, Mark Hand, Miles Hume & Sam Wade
    Edit by // Scotty Twible

    We would like to thank //

    Andrew & Kane at BLAK HEADWEAR, Jordan at Doing Business and all the homies that helped us shovel spots, Steve, Swadeoo, Troy & Clayton

    Music //

    Intro // Calm before the storm by Truckfighters & Mind Control by the Truckfighters

    Scotty's Part // Leatherface by Big Pun

    Harley & Andy's Part // Anthem for a doomed youth by Veil Veil Vanish

    Dean, Mark & Miles Part // X-Ray visions by Clutch

    Devan's Part // Shook one's Part 1 by Mobb Deep

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