Did Shawn White Deserve A Perfect Score At The X Games?

  • Whether you love the guy or hate his existence, no one can deny that Shawn White has some serious talent. The guy has climbed the ladder to the top of competitive snowboarding and taken down everyone in his path. But there's one thing about this past season that has left a bad taste in my mouth and that is Shawn getting a perfect score at the X Games.
    shawn white half pipe
     It's not that I don't like to see him win, I could care less who wins, it's all about the progression this sport goes through every time there is money on the line. The reason I'm irritated about the events that took place is that no one is perfect. Even if you throw down a "perfect" run, you shouldn't get a score of 100/100. That simply means no one else could beat you no matter what.
    half pipe x games
    Even though this was the victory lap, it makes me question the judges in their decision making. Yes it was one of the sickest runs to date, but it's unnecessary to give Shawn a perfect 100. At the very most they should have given him a 99.8. Here's the run. Let me know if you think he deserved it.

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