Deal of the Week: K2 Parkstar

  • The park is your playground with the K2 Parkstar Snowboard. Whether you’re hot lapping, bonking lift towers, hucking it off kickers, or tranny finding in the backcountry, the Parkstar’s killer Hybritech™ construction will amp up your overall performance. The K2 Parkstar Snowboard features a Jib Rocker™ profile, Carbon Web™ for mass pop and snap ability, and Tweekend™ Integration that help eliminates "looping out" come backseat landings. Now be a good boy and earn your gold stars instead of demerits in the park and get wit it with the K2 Parkstar Snowboard.   Everyone on our staff loves this board and cant get enough. The little brother of the K2 Fastplant, which is full bamboo construction, jib rocker and a Ollie bar backed by a 5 year warranty against snapping the board, the Parkstar is a sick all mountain freestyle shred machine. Light as hell and a perfect board to hit everything from small boxes to huge booters, this razor blade bites on ice and floats on the soft stuff.

    Compare prices for the 2013 K2 Parkstar (My personal favorite and everyday ride at the moment) at all these great locations:

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