DBAP: Dont Be A P***y

  • Website: DBAP.com

    What is the mission of DBAP?

    The mission statement of DBAP is very simple, COMMIT. DBAP was started by three military officers who have been there and back. We all knew each other through the military and college and had this mindset of DBAP. There's various explanations out there to what DBAP means. Officially we stand for Doing Business As Patriots. What DBAP really means goes deeper than those four letters. It represents a mindset to commit. Believing in yourself and pushing past barriers. We represent anyone out there who believes in pushing it up. We have a snowboard clothing line currently and are working on a military clothing line, surfing line, and ufc line. All lines highlight the brass knuckles in the letters dbap and pay tribute to those in the field doing the work. From the troops overseas working the mountains in the Stan's to anyone shredding the hills from Lake Tahoe to New Zealand. The DBAP Standard line is to represent anyone with the DBAP mindset who has the perseverance and drive to make things happen for themselves and succeed. What we'd like to emphasize is that DBAP is for anyone regardless of if they are a snowboarder, skier, surfer, or in the military. That's the premise of DBAP and we are moving forward with our designs but the logo of brass knuckles stands for the mental strength of the DBAP mindset and will always remain the same and be featured on every shirt. So, that's the quick and dirty on DBAP.

    We heard you guys are planning on some training courses?

    Our future goals include a DBAP training camp for the mountain but we don't currently have one. One of our founders is an instructor in Lake Tahoe and New Zealand and he works with some pretty dope kids who can shred like no one's business! Since DBAP is still a growing company we are focusing on brand recognition and development. With one of our founders being a snowboard instructor in Lake Tahoe and New Zealand we are always on the lookout for DBAP talent to sponsor and we have several boarders who ride for us. One of our goals this winter is to expand our fan base among the both the Eastern and Western ski/snowboard hills throughout the US. You can expect to see several new designs this winter that will represent both sides of the US while keeping with the DBAP mindset and design. Our military/police/fire line in DBAP Subdued will be paying tribute to the heroes among us. All too often we take these people for granted and we want to make sure they are not forgotten with designs honoring them and their sacrifices. Rounding out our current line, the DBAP Standard line will continue to bring out the standard recognizable brass knuckles logo that anyone with the DBAP mindset can relate to. The future of DBAP includes eventual surf and MMA style lineups with the all mountain ski/snowboarding school to be in place at several Western ski hills within about 2-4 years. The DBAP Facebook page is in place to catch everyone's DBAP moments and to remind everyone to Commit with daily pics and happenings. Any and all things DBAP can be found through the Facebook page or through our website at DBAP.com which is where all DBAP gear can purchased.

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