Crotched Mountain

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  1. Crotched has to be one of the most underestimated bumps in New England. I spend a ton of my time here. The untrained eye see’s nothing but a small hill for kids and park riding but if you stay on the ridge at the top, and head into the woods without hitting any major trails, you’ll be looking at a solid 10-15 minute glade run from top to bottom. It’s amazing. They also have some dope areas when you can jump in and out of the woods and combine park and glades throughout your run. The food is good, the lodge is warehouse-y but still does the job. There are a bunch of Midnight Madness nights where you can ride til 3 in the morning and after the first couple nights of it there is less traffic and you can comfortably ride without worrying too much about bumping into anyone. They had a hard time with their park this year but I’m hoping to see some improvements in the future. They use to do a really good job with it but have slipped back in the last year or 2. Just remember that the drive up there is a quiet one and the cops poach the entire drive up so keep an eye on the speed.