Condensed Coop

  • Here's to all the classes I skipped, beers drunk, carpet burn and good times with everyone.

    Thanks go to all the brands that enable me to snowboard each year. I’m very grateful for Dan Broadwell and Rob Zeglin for keeping the scene strong, and providing great guidance and support.
    Everyone in No Names and WVU Snowboarding, you all are vey wild and awesome. I hope to visit soon.
    Brent McCarron and Brian Nero, thank you for taking on the sometimes-thankless job of filming and editing.
    Huge thank you to Seven Springs and Wisp Resort for doing a great job with the parks, I'll miss you Fam!
    Edit by Brian Nero
    Filming from Brian Nero, Brent McCarron, and Ian Macy.
    Photo by Mike Zandron

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