Best Womens Gloves and Mittens of 2016

  • There are quite a number of brands dealing with sports gloves and mittens for women out in the market. Choosing a good brand can be a hard and complicated process as you never know which glove is best. The following list covers some of the best cold weather gloves and mittens for women.


  • DC Seger Mitt

    Designed and manufactured by DC, this is one of the best sport mittens to wear in cold weather conditions. It is designed to offer heavy duty protection while being light in weight for easier movement. The mitten is made of leather, has a lining that separates the fingers within the mitten and offers waterproof properties as well as insulation protection. It also has an adjustable wrist cuff.

  • DC Seger Wmn

    Also designed by DC. This is the glove version of the DC Seger Mitt. The glove is also made out of leather. It is designed to offer insulation against the cold weather, built to be waterproof and has an adjustable cuff at the wrists. The fingers are each separated from each other.

  • Celtek Sunrise Trigger

    This is designed by Celtek and offers style as well as functionality. The glove has a waterproof and breathable membrane within it. It is equipped with insulation protection and has a leather palm with is compatible with touch screens. The glove is designed to offer maximum protection with a touch of technological wisdom and style.

  • Celtek Bitten By A Womitten

    Unlike the Celtek glove described above, the Celtek Bitten By A Womitten is a mitten made out of special nylon and rubber. These materials are designed to be waterproof and to offer insulation. The mitten has a fleece within it with separated fingers. It has an adjustable cuff at the wrists to accommodate for size changes

  • Celtek Maya Glove

    This glove is designed to offer Celtek's full style package while still being usefully functional. The glove is made out of waterproof material and offers high insulation against the harsh weather elements. Besides a variety in style and colour, the glove is designed with a number of button fitted on one hand and with the other hand having a leather cross stitched pattern.

  • POW Women's Stealth GTX Glove

    If you were looking for the greatest female sports glove, then look no further than this. Designed by POW, this glove puts a feminine touch to extreme sports. It has a cuff that is made out of fur and lined on the inside, is made out of water repellent leather making it waterproof. It is also breathable and insulated and not to forget, it offers compatibility with touchscreens.

  • POW Women's Empress GTX Mitten

    Much like its counterpart, only with the distinguishing difference that it is a mitten. It is designed for warmth in extreme cold conditions. It is breathable and insulated, has a waterproof and water repellent membrane and is made out of leather. There is also the cuff made out of fur and lined on the inside.

  • POW Astra Mitt

    This mitt features some of the coolest POW tech. It has a polyester microfleece lining within, is designed to be waterproof and highly insulated as well as breathable. The POW Astra Mitt is designed with a liner fixed with a grip that can be removed and adjusted at will depending on wrist size.

  • Volcom Wise Gore-Tex Glove

    This glove features Gore-Tex insulation technology. The glove is fully fashionable as well as functional. For style, it has a palm that is made out of leather. For functionality, the glove is breathable and waterproof. The best feature is the addition of curved ergonomic fingers for better performance. The cinch at the wrists is zipped.

  • Volcom Taro Gore-Tex Mitt

    Like the Volcom glove above, this Volcom mitten also has the Gore-Tex technology. It is made out of material with waterproof and breathable properties. The mitt also has an ergonomic curve to it and the zipped cinch at the wrist. Of course, for style, there is also the leather palm.

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