Cold Feet? We Have The Solutions

  • There are plenty of riders out there who complain of their feet getting cold on those long, bitter days out on the hill. For some reason, women have a harder time keeping warm than men in any case but especially on the hill. There are solutions to this problem and each one of them has their pros and cons. Lets walk through the options you have for keeping your boots toasty in the winter.

    Heat Packs


    We've all seen these little baggies on the counter of our local shops. These baggies do heat up well and keep you warm when they are exposed to oxygen. They can last long and they are not that expensive. Ranging anywhere from 3-5 bucks a package, these heat packs will do the trick. Only issue you'll run into is that these pads take up a whole lot of room in the boot and you may find yourself replacing chilly feet with cramped ones.

    You can find heat pads at these fine locations:


    ThermaCell Heated Inserts


    These inserts are great! You plug these bad boys right into the wall and after a full charge, these guys will keep your feet warm for 1/2 - 2/3 of the day. They work well for those who want the low profile of a traditional foot bed while still having heat. Anyone who doesn't ride for a full day would love a pair like these. At the end of the day, take these inserts out of the boots and plug them back in for another day of riding.

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    Hotronic E4 Custom FootWarmer


    The omega of warmth; the Hotronic E4 FootWarmer is the best source of heat your feet could ask for. With a rechargable battery clipped to the boot, this heater will keep your feet warm for 8+ hours. There is nothing more tried and true than the Hotronic system. For the amount of heat and the time frame allotted, this is well worth the money. However, when it comes to cost and instillation, this is definitely an investment. Don't forget, these batteries need an initial charge of 72 hours straight for them to work properly and don't need to be uncharged at the end of use. However, at the beginning of every season they need the initial 72 hour charge.

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