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GoPro Announces Release of Hero3

GoPro, maker of durable cameras for capturing action footage, has today (October 17) announced its new HD HERO3 camera lineup. At the top of the range is the new HERO3: Black Edition, delivering 4K and 2.7K ultra-definition video resolutions from a camera that is the size of a box of matches.

RIP Tom Sims 1950-2012

Tom Sims, snowboarding legend and pioneer, died yesterday, September 12, 2012 near his home at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Sims suffered sudden cardiac arrest. He was 62 (more…)...

Action Sports Hall of Fame

With a hall of fame for just about every other major league sport in the country, why hasn't anyone thought of this yet!?!? Thankfully, Matt Savage (founder of has, and was nice enough to sit down with us to give us a little more information.

Derek O’Neill Gets The Billabong Boot

Billabong announced it has replaced CEO Derek O’Neill with Launa Inman, a former Target executive, who has been appointed as the company’s new managing director, according to the Billabong investor relations page. (more…)

Which Snowboard Game Is Better?

First of all, I would like to say that I don't think there are enough snowboard themed video games out there to satisfy my reverse seasonal depression, so someone needs to work on that. But in the mean time, we should discuss on which game is the best.

Did Shawn White Deserve A Perfect Score At The X Games?

Whether you love the guy or hate his existence, no one can deny that Shawn White has some serious talent. The guy has climbed the ladder to the top of competitive snowboarding and taken down everyone in his path. But there's one thing about this past season that has left a bad taste...

Red Bull Does It Again

There were tons of awesome moments in season 2012, but one of the best was the Red Bull Supernatural event at Jackson Hole, WY.  18 of the best riders from all over the world met up to rip through a newly built course the summer leading up to this season. There...