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Snowballin Media Drops “MMXIII The Squalid Mixtape”

“MMXIII ❅ The Squalid Mixtape” is a summary of our winter, specifically 2013. It is divided into 5 parts and each one represents a period of the season. Therefore, these are mostly placed in a chronological order. Turn up the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride!

CanAlaska: The Gold Search

Alaska is always the ultimate pilgrimage and the last chance to get shots for your part. But more than just this it’s a true experience against yourself and nature that you have to respect even more than everywhere else to enjoy it at its most., This year is even more so because we decided to...

It Sure Doesn’t Feel Like Spring

Well folks, we have reached the end of the winter season and are now entering the Spring. However, the seasons sure seem to be reflecting a wintery feel to them. The past few days here, in the east coast, have been better than what we expected. With 12 to 18 inches in some places, it...

90 Seconds with Dakine’s Newest Member Sami Luhtanen

In case you don't remember Sami Luhtanen's name, you'll remember his style. At Dakine,  they dig it so much they changed the name of our program to an extended 30 sec version. So here you go with 90 sec of the next BIG thing coming from Finland,  a country renown to provide and feed the...

Keeping Up With The Jones’

When I say the name "Jeremy Jones" do you think about hiking stairs or hiking first descents? Just so you know, there's two of them... (more…)...

Riderz Snowboard Club 5th Annual Jam Fest

On Febuary 3rd, Table Mt. Ski Resort will play host to Saskatchewan's largest slope style competition of the season. Projecting to have nearly 100 snowboarders of all ages and abilities competing in their respective age categories, and coming from all 3 prairie provinces. Riderz Snowboard Club along with Table Mt. will be redesigning a slope...

Block Party At The Crotch!

Crotched Mt. is hosting a block party on January 19th during Midnight Madness from 9-3am. Interested in checking out this nasty rail jam? Go online and order your tickets now to only pay $25 versus the normal $42 that it would cost you at the door. Get to it and we will see you there!...

The Farewell 2 Forum Party Was Dope!

We had a great time with you guys at the Nashua Garden last Saturday. The turnout was more than we could have asked for and we made sure to show our appreciation by giving out tons of awesome gifts. We ended up giving away 2 Forum snowboards, a pair of their bindings and boots thanks... and Shred It Girls Present: Farewell to Forum

We are proud to announce that we are teaming up with Shred It Girl along with PBR, Smutty Nose, G-Form, Crotched Mountain, Mivue, DBAP and more to commemorate Forum Snowboards as they make their way through their last season as we know it.

PowderJet Snowboards Swag Give Away

Sorry we're posting this late, the hurricane knocked us out of service for a couple days. However, we're back on track and ready to give away more gear. Here's the next give away. PowderJet Snowboard is a very cool old school feel and is great for those days when you need a snorkel. If you...

GoPro Announces Release of Hero3

GoPro, maker of durable cameras for capturing action footage, has today (October 17) announced its new HD HERO3 camera lineup. At the top of the range is the new HERO3: Black Edition, delivering 4K and 2.7K ultra-definition video resolutions from a camera that is the size of a box of matches.

RIP Tom Sims 1950-2012

Tom Sims, snowboarding legend and pioneer, died yesterday, September 12, 2012 near his home at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Sims suffered sudden cardiac arrest. He was 62 (more…)...

Action Sports Hall of Fame

With a hall of fame for just about every other major league sport in the country, why hasn't anyone thought of this yet!?!? Thankfully, Matt Savage (founder of has, and was nice enough to sit down with us to give us a little more information.