Burton Presents: STREET

  • The second of a four-part series, Burton Presents STREET [SNOWBOARDING], features progressive street riding from Jeremy Jones, Zak Hale, Mark Sollors, and Ethan Deiss from locations all around the world including Japan, Minnesota, and Canada. Look for insane wall rides, huge handrails, massive gaps, and more from this creative team of urban assailants.

    Here is a list of product we noticed in this video, some info on each and where to buy each item. Hope this is helpful.

    Parkitect: Restricted

    Smarter than your average board with a design built specifically around a park rider’s stance. A collaborative effort with Jeremy Jones and Zak Hale, the Parkitect offers a new breed in park performance. Off-Axis is what makes the board so nasty. This tweak in technology achieves the ultimate dialed setup with the core profiling of Squeezebox and grip of Frostbite Edges shifted to match the angles of your typical park rider’s stance. The result is better toe and heel edge grip, natural flex around the bindings, and a smoother feel during take-offs and landings. Burton Parkitect Snowboard 2014 this snowboard has a traditional Camber profile the Off-Axis tweaks technology to achieve the ultimate dialed setup. The core profiling of Squeezebox and edge enhancement of Frostbite are shifted to match the angles of your typical park rider’s stance. The result is better toe and heel edge grip, natural flex around the bindings, and a smoother feel during take-offs and landings. the Jumper Cables Hi-Voltage give extra pop, this snowboard also benifits from Infinite Ride


    Custom: Restricted

    The Burton Custom Flying V Restricted Wide is quickly becoming as iconic as the traditional camber Custom. Squeezebox gives you every ounce of pop possible out of the Custom Flying V through a thinner core underfoot that transitions to thicker, more powerful areas between and outside your feet. The Flying V shape places rocker between your feet and camber underfoot for rocker float and camber control. Best of both koalas. What? Cliches are boring. Lightning Bolts underfoot result in amazing edge-to-edge response while the Carbon I-Beam further adds boost. The directional shape with a twin flex is a super versatile shape that performs well no matter which way you point it. Burton's Infinite Ride means the Custom Flying V doesn't need a break-in period because Burton already broke it in for you. The Sintered WFO base is super fast and is super wax absorbent. Yea, the Custom Flying V is faster than minute rice. Frostbite extends the edges slightly out underfoot for superb edge hold on ice and crud. Pro-Tip tapers the tips to reduce the swing weight making spins effortless and board control a breeze. There's a reason why riders like Mikkel Bang and Mads Jonsson turn to the Custom Flying V for their shenanigans. This board comes in wide sizes for the shredder with big feet.


    Do yourself a favor and find the 2014 Burton Custom Restricted at these locations:


    Super Hero

    It's a bird...It's a plane...It's you boosting massive air on the Burton Super Hero Snowboard. With Level 5 Nug Raduction™, the Super Hero rides like a larger board but in a smaller package. Burton recommends going 4-5 cm shorter than your normal length. The combination of Nug Raduction™ and Flat Top make the Burton Super Hero Snowboard a favorite for aggressive freestyle riders looking for a short board.


    Find your 2014 Burton Super Hero at one of these locations:


    Ration: Restricted

    The Ration is a tough, camber park board. Get a full serving of street smarts and still leave a few punches on the meal card with the Ration snowboard from Burton.


    Find the Ration at all these fine locations:


    Cobra Shark: Restricted

    It's a snake. It's a fish. It's a bit of both, actually. The Burton Cobrashark Snowboard Binding is a stealthy freestyle binding that's both solid and flexible enough for your bag of tricks. Its Re:Flex™ baseplate will work with any insert pattern, the Single-Component Winged Hi-Back offers just the right amount of heelside support, and the FullBED Cushioning System takes the sting out of landings. Don't worry, this one won't bite!


    Find this winged beast at all these fine locations:


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