BoardStix: Put A Creative Twist On Your Shred Stick

  • Wish you were able to create your own snowboard? Once again, we've found the answer: BoardStix. These awesome paint pens are great for putting a message or drawing a picture on your current board or getting real creative with a Blank Snowboard.

    These markers are perfect for drawing on surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, skis, wakeboards, cars and your grandma's forehead. These great creative markers are mad by even greater people. We we're happy to sit down with the creator of BoardStix to get a closer look at this dope idea.

    How did you guys start?
    I was on a surf trip. After some great surf and talking to my buddies about becoming an entrepreneur with a small side project.  My buddy had introduced me to paint pens for surfboards before the trip and I had my boys paint up my board before I left on the trip.  I had been surfin g for 20+ years and was surprised that paint pens/clear coat were not marketed directly to surfers.  Really seemed like a niche that needed to be filled since almost 95% of all surfboards have no graphics on them.  When I returned home I set out to do just took me about 9 months to do it and, after looking extensively in China, I found my manufacturing partner in NJ right outside of Manhattan.  These guys embraced the vision and they began developing BoardStix with me.  I love having our product made in the USA.  These guys are always helping me improve the product and develop new pen formats....look for wide tip (2cm) BoardStix coming soon!!

    What does the brand stand for?

    Our brand stands for personalization.  We want all surfers, snowboarders, SUP'ers (is that a word?), and skateboarders have the opportunity to ride quality equipment and have BoardStix there to provide products to help them personalize their boards. I think that this could change how people approach boards that have customarily are made with graphics/artwork already on them like skateboarding and snowboarding.

    Do you have a pro team?

    No, but if anyone needs to be sponsored...please contact us via our website.  I contacted Blank Snowboards about a year ago and sent them some pens....they made a sick demo video with our old pens style.  I am looking forward to seeing what the BlankSnowboard guys have done with our new pens... We believe that with Blank Snowboards, BoardStix can take the snow arena by storm!!!!

    What are you guys looking forward to for the 2013 season?
    We are looking forward to further establishing our brand worldwide (our pens are in Australia, UK,   Hawaii, etc.), getting out to some snowboarding events/shows and expanding into the snow market to help snowboarders express themselves via BoardStix.

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