Blue Bird Wax and Snowboards

  • blue bird snowboard wax

    Blue Bird Wax started in Willie Mcmillon's kitchen in 1996. He started toying with different chemical mixes to make wax and before he knew it, he was dedicating himself to making the fastest wax on the planet.

    kevin jones blue birdSince then, Blue Bird has recruited some of the best snowboarders on the planet to rep their product including ledgends such as Kevin Jones, Travis Rice, Nicholas Muller, Jeremey Jones, Scotty Lago, and JJ Thomas just to name a few.

    Blue Bird's strives to be a brand that functions based on the love of the sport rather than the attempt to make money. A few years ago, Blue Bird released an all natural formula and when asked what the future holds for Blue Bird they told us that they were testing a few new natural wax formulas.

    blue bird love over moneyIn addition, they are releasing a malbec wine, a iphone app, and a new snowboard line manufactured by Smokin Snowboards. They've also had their team working on the video a few videos that are available on iTunes

    Check out Kevin Jones and Mark Carter's clips from the Dobre Hombres movie.

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