Best Goggles of 2015

  • The 2014/15 season is an exciting time for optic companies. There is a huge movement in quick interchanging lens'. Everyone and their mama wants a way to switch the lens out of their goggle from day to day without having to worry about breaking the goggle or scratching the lens. They might be more money but when it comes to goggles, you get what you pay for. Some of them might actually seem pretty reasonable once you read the price tag. All these goggles are pushing the envelope in one way or another and are all worth mentioning but its up to you what style you want. Remember, even though its cheap doesn't mean you got the right thing so think real hard before you pick up your next pair of goggles at Walmart.

    Electric EG3


    The Electric EG3 has a unique interchangeable lens technology which can only be described as a gasket around the perimeter of the lens. Kind of like a Ziploc bag. Coming with two lens' the EG3 will allow the user to switch the lens out without worrying about the integrity of the lens or frame as well as keeping you confident that this goggle can take a beating. Once the lens is in place, this goggle can bend in any way imaginable. Super comfortable and easy to use, the EG3 is going to be the hottest goggle on the market this 14/15 season.

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    Dragon APX


    So it's true, Dragon is on the interchangeable band wagon too. With their new Swiftlock technology, the APX allows you, the rider, to keep going no matter what the weather decides to throw at you. Simply lift the levers on either side of this goggle and have an entirely different shade ready to go in mere seconds. Restore your confidence back in the Dragon line with their greatest upgrade yet.


    Smith I/O7


    The I/O7 is a new one for Smith. It wasn't enough for them to come out with a I/O and I/OX (the big brother to the I/O) they had to take it one step further and allow for interchangeability without ever touching the lens. Simply find the switch at the top, middle of the I/O7, flip, and twist. The lens pops right out! Place the new one back in and by using the brow bar. No more finger smudges on your lens while you're switching them out. Great peripheral vision and no need to worry about annoying helmet wings, this thing is as low profile as they come. Not to mention this goggle just looks so bad ass!

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    SPY Bravo


    Complete with their new 'Happy Lens' Tech, the Spy Bravo is another goggle that will be killing it on the slopes next year. If you don't know yet, the Happy Lens is Spy's answer to the sun's bad rays. However, with the bad ones are the good rays as well. The ones that keep us naturally happy. These rays are usually blocked out with normal lens' but with the Happy Lens, the bad rays stay out and the good ones can shine on! You can google more about Happy Lens if that explanation wasn't scientific enough for you. The Bravo is equipped with Spy's Locksteady Quick Lens Change technology and has to be one of the easiest ones to do with a glove on. Just a simple push of a button allows you to pop that bad boy right out and slide the next lens in. Enjoy incredible peripheral vision with this bad boy.

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    Anon M2


    Giving Oakley a run for its money, the Anon M2 is back! With no real big changes here, Anon knew they did it right the first time. This goggle has amazing peripheral vision. The lens and frame come equipped with 8 magnets and when it comes to ease of interchangeability, this is as easy as they come. Simply bend the frame back and the lens just pops right out. Whether you are looking for a lens to weld with (super dark) or need a nice night time lens, this goggle comes with two premium lens ensuring that you will never be left behind or in the dark. Like the guy says in this video, if you crash hard enough to pop the lens out, you have bigger things to worry about than an expensive goggle lens. Get lightning fast with this amazing goggle.

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    Womens Specific:  Anon WM1


    The Anon WM1 is the ladies version of the mens M1 from Anon. This goggle is just like the M1 in every way except it is more petite, lighter and utilizes seven magnets vs six. The WM1 is just as easy to change out as the others in the Mag family and will be keeping you aware of your surroundings as well as stylin' as we all want to be.

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    Oakley Flight Deck


    The Flight Deck is the newest addition to the Oakley line up. With its frameless design, the Flight Deck is Oakley's answer to Anon's M2. This goggle prides itself on its range of peripheral vision (the most peripheral in the market), as well as its clean and awesome look. The Flight Deck makes it easy to switch out the lens and, with its frameless design, limits the amount of potential for fogging. This will be the most popular goggle from Oakley this year. A little pricey but you get what you pay for. With a second lens its like getting 2 goggles from a single purchase.


    Zeal HD2 Camera Goggle


    Want to record your day on the hill but don't want to fumble around with a stupid camera attached to your helmet? Who wants to spend that extra 399 for a camera and then buy a goggle on top of that. Kill two birds with one stone and get your camera built into your goggle with the all new Zeal HD2. The HD2 Camera Goggle is completely redesigned from its predecessor. This new model is smaller, lighter and a better fit. They've added to the selection of lens options along with adding glove-friendly buttons on the side. Zeal also added a new interface and a battery that carries more juice. The camera itself performs better and has better low light response. With built in Wi-Fi, you can send your pictures and videos straight to your phone and share what you just did with your friends online. This is your answer to all your recording needs.

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    Scott LCG


    The Scott LCG is back and killing it once again. The system is similar to the SPY Bravo but with one extra feature. This goggle is customizable to fit any nose and face shape. There is a switch on the side for interchangeability and this goggle does come with a fancy second lens case just to be sure that you can take your spare lens with you but not risk scratching it up while its in your jacket. Scott is still in the races with this one and for a reasonable price point, you can't expect much better with two premium spherical lens'.

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  1. Zeal’s HD goggles freeze up and don’t work in extreme temperatures…they still have some work to do.

    • agreed. It will be interesting to see where tech advancements go from here. Maybe we will see some of this extreme temp control features soon! Thanks for the feedback Josh

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