5 Best All Mountain Boards For 2013

  • There are hundreds of snowboards to choose from. As a recreational snowboarder, who just wants to have fun with his friends and wants to own one board that does it all, which one should they choose? Get something that has rocker and camber to give you a great board that rides the whole hill like a dream. There are a few choices that we would consider great rides for the whole mountain no matter what you're doing.

    Burton Custom Flying V

    The Custom FV is going to be one of the more popular boards on the market. This is the one of the highest rated boards with all Burton has to offer in their material technology. 'Triax' fiberglass, lightweight core, carbon fiber threads for torsional stiffness, Burton's EST...obviously, and the newest addition: squeezebox, which is where the board's profile is thickened and thinned throughout the length in order to allow for more contact underfoot when doing an ollie. Flex Rating (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) - 5, A medium flex for easy turn initiation without giving up stability at speed

    Compare prices for the 2013 Custom FV snowboard at all these dope locations:

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    Burton Process Flying V440

    More of a park feel while still being all mountain, is the Process FV. Softer for rails but stiff enough the icy hard pack. The Burton Process Flying V snowboard for 2013 was made for all mountain freestyle destruction. Featuring the Channel system from Burton for a wide array of stance options and twin like shape and twin flex. The Flying V combination camber puts rocker under your feet with camber under each foot creating more pop and better edge hold, truly the best of both reverse and camber snowboard tech. Packed with Jumper Cables carbon strips for added energy to your edge, a Pro-Tip tapered tail and nose, a Superfly core with triax glass for extra response, Frostbite edge tune to keep your shred alive on top of hard-pack and ice. The Burton Process Flying V snowboard is a favorite of the Burton Pro Team and is sure to be a fun all around intermediate to advanced snowboard.

    Compare prices for the 2013 Process FV at these locations by clicking on the icons:


    K2 UltraDreamk2-ultra-dream-wide-snowboard-2013-159-front

    When you get on the Ultra Dream, you are standing on a board that can handle anything you throw at it. Take it through the glades, groomers, it can even take whatever you throw at it in the park. Take our word for it; if you are all over this place, this is the board for you. Jump off the trail as much as you are on it and you wont be disappointed. Get that nice pow day you dream of, we wouldn't want to be on anything else. Float like a dream in compressible snow with the BC shaping, which is what makes this board's parabolic shape look so pronounced.

    The K2 Ultra Dream Snowboard is the amped up, fuel injected version of K2’s Turbo Dream. The Ultra Dream Snowboard is a backcountry, tranny killer, go anywhere, beast of a board that’s equipped with K2’s All-Terrain Rocker with Tweekend™ for a more stable platform and BC Shaping that provides more float and incredible stomped landings. If your in dire need of a snowboard thats packin' a mass load of technology, go stomp around on the K2 Ultra Dream Snowboard.


    Click these logos to compare prices for the 2013 K2 Ultradream;


    Lib Tech T.Rice Pro C2BTX SnowboardS153CM


    If you are looking for maximum stability in all conditions, this is the board of choice. Get this board in normal sizing and you will shit your pants when you feel the cut that this thing has at the same time being so fun and loose feeling. Camber under foot to tip and tail and rocker in between the bindings makes this board amazingly versatile in all conditions. Point this board down hill and hold on because you are not going to be "taking it easy" on this bad boy. Good luck, and may the Rice be with you.

    The Lib Tech T.Rice Pro Model C2-BTX Blunt Snowboard presents game-changing tech for a game-challenging rider. And just like Travis, the T.Rice Pro Blunt rides with precision and powerful pop for launching hefty gaps, pointing chutes, and whipping up a freestyle frenzy in a backcountry landscape. C2 BTX puts rocker between your feet and camber from the inserts to the tip and tail for a balance of power and a catch-free, floaty feel. Magnetraction edges steer through ice like a phantom ghost ship navigating the frozen waters of the arctic.

    Find all your options for prices for the 2013 Lib Tech T.Rice Pro Snowboard here:

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    Rome Agent55836.Size.LengthCM_152_Image


    Stale Sandbech and Zach's board of choice, the Rome Agent is what we call, the T and A of boarding. If you are looking to make some solid turns, hit some jumps, and hit the very occasional rail, this board will do that for you. Stay positive Camber is a formula for a shark bite hold on anything, including the hard packed sheets of ice we see in New England. Take it from us, when we want stability, there isn't much better choices.

    The Agent Rocker is Rome''s top of the line power, all mountain shred stick. Stealthily speed by your friends and beat them to one person lines. Agents speed by people right? Yes. Yes they do. They also drop cornices with ease and float through pow. Do not worry because this guy can jib with the best of them. Rome''s Mountain Pop Rocker technology gives you rocker between the feet and positive camber in the tip and tail for all the fun of rocker with the stability of camber. The QuickRip Sidecut creates different contact points at different speeds. At low speeds you have a more playful feel and at high speeds a more stable feel. You also have 2 grip points at high speeds for extra control. Carbon Single Barrel HotRod technology milled right into the core lets you load up energy and release it dynamically giving you big ollies and a snappy ride. Basalt V tech absorbs and distributes your impact into the right places. This lightweight earth friendly material directs power from under your bindings to immediate contact points with the snow giving snappy turn initiations and power filled pop. Another high end feature are the Impact Edges that will withstand more abuse and dings over time. Using a combination of superior materials and tried and tested tech, the Agent Rocker is a fun, powerful, stable ride.

    Compare prices for the 2013 Rome Agent snowboard at these stores:

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