Best Womens Splitboards of 2016

  • Ladies, looking for a board that will allow you to explore beyond the chair lift? Need an activity that will give you the thrills and high speed that you are looking for in addition to a great work out? Check out these split boards and get out there WILD WOMAN!

  • Never Summer Raven Split

    The Raven Split is one of the best women’s splitboard in the world. Dual Carbon X’s provide power underfoot and make the Raven Split super stable in variable snow conditions. Our split specific NS SuperLight Wood Core conserves much needed energy on the uphill skin and the nimble response of Rocker Camber make any descent a breeze.

  • K2 Northern Lite

    K2 continues to lead the charge with women’s backcountry snowboarding progression. No longer do women have to size down a men’s splitboard, they now have their own with the Northern Lite splitboard snowboard. This women's splitboard has specific flex patterns and a narrower waist width. All the ingredients needed to take full advantage of epic, free flowing powder daze.  

  • Jones Womens Solution

    The perfect solution to any backcountry woes. Made for women who like a ride on the wild side, this all mountain split delivers ample float in the deepest of snow, thanks to the rockered nose in Jones' Directional Rocker. This unique design gives you an ultra responsive ride with some high powered turns without losing stability. The Ultra Core full wood core gives the board a light, hyper responsive feel, without killing it's strength. Jones's Quadrax Carbon laminate adds some massive snap to the board while boosting the stability when you're riding on steep trails and high speeds. Mellow Magne-Traction ™ boosts your edge hold even on the iciest of slopes giving you a smooth, catch-free ride. This is a rather stiff split board, and needs a calm, confident woman to unleash it's full power.

  • GNU Beauty Split

    This board is the beauty to the beast that is the mountain. This is a directional board, and it delivers a high power experience with lots of control. The strong Great Lakes Aspen core makes the board light and smooth riding, while keeping the actual board weight low. Thanks to the DC3BTX rocker tech, you'll get the most stable freestyle ride on the mountain, letting you ride as aggressive as you want. Magne-Traction ™ .5 enhances the edge hold on the board letting you ride with supreme control and stability even on the iciest trails you can find. This is backed up by the UHMW Sidewalls, which add five internal wood layers to make your sidewalls nearly bomb proof. This board has a stiff flex and is suited to aggressive styles of riding.

  • Burton Anti-Social

    This fine tuned piece of art is a high precision instrument of hardcore riding, and sets the standard for women's split boards.The FSC ™ certified Super Fly II ™ 700G Core uses targeted woods to provide some wicked pop and strength to the board while keeping it lightweight. Couple this with the Dualzone ™ EDG ™ tech and you get tight, consistent edge hold during high speed turns. The board's directional camber design let's you pull off high momentum turns in all conditions while keeping the ride floaty and playful. This IS a directional board, giving you smooth turns... and high stability at the highest speeds... and loads of float in the deepest snow. The Sintered WFO base uses a special wax formula to make the base extremely durable season after season so that you can ride with no worries.. This is a medium flex board and works for most styles, from aggressive to playful without restricting you. BURTON ANTISOCIAL W TEST 2015-16 from Splitboard Magazine on Vimeo.

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