Most Responsive Women’s Boots for 2014

  • Ladies who really know how to ride hard are too few and far between, in our opinion. But for those chicks that are hot enough to rock a boot this high tech, you're a-OK in our book.  Take it from the guys here, if you can shred hard enough to require one of these boots, its going to tack on a few points to your hotness level. Keep warm and be confident in the following boots this season.

    ThirtyTwo TM TWO Womens


    Our girl Jill rides this boot and she's all about it. Take the gnarliest boot from ThirtyTwo; The TM Two and make it womens specific and thats what you have with the new TM Two Womens edition. This boot takes hard charging riding to the next level. Not only is this boot very responsive, this boot comes with its own heat mold-able liner as well as footbed in addition to the customize-able wings and donuts you can add to the boot's inner liner for the perfect fit every time. Take it from us, if you want an awesome, responsive, comfortable boot that will hold up for the next few years, this is the one.

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    DC Mora


    It's hard to find a double boa womens boot that holds up to the pressure of a bad ass rider like yourself. Its usually a choice between a shitty, soft women's boot or a mens boot. The DC Mora takes the pain out of finding a double boa worth your hard earned dollars. Take it from the chicks at, if you are looking for a extremely comfortable, double boa boot that still holds up to your style of riding, the DC Mora is it! And not only that, but the leather looks so damn sexy, you'll be turning heads from the lodge to black diamonds. Because as we know, Diamonds are a girls best friend.

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    Burton Supreme


    Listen, Burton has been making boots for a long time. They know what they're talking about when it comes to performance. Yes, its true that you get what you pay for and there is no different story with this one. With a speed lace system, the two handles tighten the upper and lower sections of this boot with ease. Best way to get the tightest fit with a pair like this: hold onto the laces, place your knee close to your chest, and while keeping your hands by your side, extend your leg and use the power of your leg to tighten the boot. This ensures an extremely tight fit for those super serious turns you'll be ripping all day. The Burton Supreme is one boot that has your back, unlike those jerks who take you out and never call you after. #WhoNeedsThemAnyways

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    Flow Lotus


    Oh, the Lotus. Just like a NorthFace, this boot is ready for adventures. Take this boot to the gnarliest trail you can find and be amazed at how dialed in you'll be. It only takes one run before you notice the liner molding around your foot, keeping you warm and comfortable all day long. Concerns about weight, WHY? This boot is do light, your decrepid grandma could pick this thing up with half a pinky. It's an amazing, responsive, quality boot that lets everyone know your hotness rating needs a few points tacked onto it if you're bad ass enough to run this boot all over the hill.

    Nitro Faint


    When you put this boot on, that's exactly what you'll do; FAINT. This boot is not only super comfortable inside, but if you are steezy enough to land some solid jumps, this thing makes your UGGs seem like work boots. Imagine landing on a pillow filled with marshmellows and puppies. Yes puppies, but ones that don't die when squished. The Snowboard Steez ladies have had many a day out there on these Faints and nothing but positive reviews have come from them. Molly uses this boot every day and wouldn't want to have it any other way.


    Ride Cadence


    The Ride Cadence boot is different for so many reasons. First things first, this isn't your usual double boa that used the front dial to tighten the entire outer shell and the side boa to tighten the inside. This is a zonal system which used the front boa for the top and the side boa for the bottom. This allows you to pick how tight you want the top of your boot from the bottom of the boot. In addition, the bottom half of the zonal boa is laced so that the laces dont cross over the top of your foot where your veins are and instead return back to their traditional side once they hit the middle. This prevents your feet from loosing circulation and getting cold. Heat moldable liner, and it better be for the price!

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