Best Womens Rear-Entry Bindings of 2016

  • For those of you who want a "step-in" binding that you can pull the highback down and step in, this is the list. Not every brand makes them but for those brands that do, we have what you need.

  • K2 Tryst

    Compared to all the other bindings in the k2 binding category, K2 Tryst is a much smoother one, which allows you to exit and enter the binding by simply adjusting the high back without the need of unstrapping it. It has a medium flex rating of seven for all Day Mountain riding, and women’s c2 cinch chassis with a nylon base plate cup for the heels, making it comfortable for riders. It has a harshmellow seamless foot bed cover, which gives you easy access to the mounting screws.

  • GNU B-Free

    GNU B-Free bindings have a medium flex; this feature makes them the ideal choice for riders who want to ride for long hours in the rough terrains. These bindings have auto open straps for the ankles, and comprex ones. These special straps have wide surfaces, which provide good support and absorb compression and pressures from constant riding. The buckles are the micro ones, which you can easily adjust to customize the fitting around your foot. It has an asym high back for support, comfort, and quick wear.

  • GNU B-Forward

    These bindings are perfect for aggressive snow riders. They come with durable construction including the medium flex ratings for rough terrains, and the EVA foot bed cushions for reducing vibrations. Each binding has asymmetrical straps that have tri panel designs for foot support. It also has an added lateral support, which gives you the advantage of free movement while you ride. They are much faster than the regular bindings and you don’t have to spend much time to buckle them.

  • Roxy Rock-It Power

    For aggressive women riders, Roxy Rock bindings are excellent. They are sturdy, and have special features for long duration riders. Strapping up bindings was never this easy with the reclining high back RX SA1, allowing you to get in to them without the need of sitting on a chair. These bindings have the FT-2 base plates made of aerospace aluminum lightweight materials. They have stiff flex ratings of eight, making them faster bindings for steep terrains. They have tri panel asymmetric straps for performance and comfort.

  • Roxy Rock-It Dash

    Roxy Rock-It Dash bindings have inverse plush single panel straps for ankles, which give you security and comfort all day long on rough terrains. You can easily strap the bindings without having to sit down, thanks to the new RX-S reclining high back. The binding makes use of a special wedge design; this helps to transfer energy from the board. This allows you to spin and easily turn with the bindings. The bindings have FT4 bases, for control. The buckles are the auto open lever ones.

  • Flow Omni

    With a flex rating of a 6/10, the Omni is a great option for ladies who need an all mountain binding but want the functionality of a rear-entry binding. Equipped with a Glass-filled Nylon Rockered Baseplate, an ATW.6 Support Panel, Active Strap Tech, 2.5 degree canted footbeds, Fusion PowerStraps and Locking Slap Ratchets, Flow didn't hold back on this binding.

  • Flow Juno

    Slightly softer than the Flow Omni, the Juno is another great binding from the Flow family that is slightly more targeted towards a tamer rider, someone who doesnt want a super stiff binding. But still something that will hold up to most. Just like the Omni, this binding comes with Glass-filled Nylon Rockered Baseplates, Glass-filled Nylon Uniback Hibacks, Fusion PowerStraps and 2.5 degree canted footbeds.

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