Best Womens Precision Boards of 2016

  • Are you a lady who has no problem keeping up with the boys? In fact, you leave them in your flakes and have them feeling less manly when they ride with you? These board are for you. The list below is a great selection of boards that work well for the lady who can't get enough speed and wants something as stable and strong at high speeds as she is.

  • Ride Baretta

    The Directional Shaped Baretta features RIDE’s Hybrid All Mountain shape with rocker in the nose and a level micro-camber zone extending under the feet and through the tail to give as solid of a ride as it is beautiful.

  • K2 Spot Lite

    This beauty is a great choice on the go for a treacherous mountainous terrain, on top of that it does an amazing job at twisted turn by making turning smooth even for the intermediates. K2 Spot Lite has an overall lighter feel and makes turns more lively and fun. The carving and turning are thanks to its Lifted base line, flat throughout and camber in the tip and tail. The speed ratings are pretty amazing with keeping the momentum steady throughout the ride and aces in uneven terrain as well. The edge-hold is fine and gives a good grip on hard snow.

  • Nitro Victoria

    This queen board conquers like none other when it comes to ascending cliffs and ramping down the slithering slopes. The majestic ride is surely for the ladies who aim to master the tracks effortlessly. It makes all the terrains an easy ride with the elegant carving and turning aesthetics. The traditional camber is well engineered to give it a great edge hold and swift moves through tight turns with a praiseworthy directional shape. The diamond laminates give it an ultra-responsive feel for a wonderful riding experience.

  • Salomon Idol

    The Salomon Idol Snowboard is everything you need from the steep chutes to pillow lines. It is an ultimate freestyle board which gives a smooth and steady experience on the rough mountainous terrains, steep slopes to even high-speed turns. The build encourages stable edge hold and great energy transfer. The added rocker at the bindings all the way up to the tip and tail gives a great experience with powder filled bowls and torturous turns. With the ABC Green Roll impact dampening technology, cross profile, Ghost Green core and directional twin shape, Solmon Idol is definitely a great choice at hand.

  • Burton FeelGood Camber

    The Burton Feel Good Camber version features FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core and Dualzone EDG. Both of these features allow the Feelgood to be one of the strongest, crazy springy boards out there. Direction camber makes this board a real speed demon's trusty weapon.

  • GNU B-Pro

    This sporty pro-model was originally designed by a legendary lady, Barrett Christy. GNU B-Pro C3 BTX offers precise control to snowboarders with the incorporation of technologies like Magne-Traction and Gnu's C3 BTX. It doesn’t matter if one descending sharp inclines or dodging abrupt bends, the board provides great stability and grip throughout. It features banana rocker that adds to the ample float in the powder. Acing majestic peaks is not a challenge if your wise decision includes GNU B-Pro. It’s amazing responsiveness and great stability with smooth take offs and perfect landings makes the entire experience worth it.

  • DC Telegraph

    Dc Telegraph is a twin shape board that delivers best for passionate boarders. It is a great machine for challenging your freestyle skills and is highly responsive and engaging. DC Telegraph is well recommended for ladies who want to speed board like professionals at all levels especially when high speeds are concerned. The twin shape is well adapted to deliver at bumpy jumps and challenging terrains. It is a rather versatile design given the high-speed stability and its fully chambered profile. The low-friction glide is definitely a win-win for this one.

  • Roxy Torah Bright

    This is a high performance board with an impressive profile. It was designed for Gold Medallist Torah Bright to achieve even higher standards in snowboarding. The top-notch ride takes yours skills to a whole new level. Roxy Torah Bright is a true twin and features Magne-Traction edges. The core is designed to be light hearted with the base being Sintered 9900. With all this features at hand, Roxy Torah Bright is created to make you achieve the best of the best. The XC2 BTX technology has been incorporated in the board to deliver great precision, true stability. The profile also features an extra-solid tip to serve this purpose.

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