Best Womens Precision Boards of 2015

  • We know that ladies don't always get the benefit of the doubt but there are some ladies out there that know how to ride, and ride well. Therefore, here is a list of boards are are mostly cambered shaped to accommodate the rider who needs precision carving in their particular choice of board.

    Burton Feelgood Snowboard


    This all-mountain deck offers up some of the most versatile riding you could ever need. Powerful and precise turns are brought to you by the Cambered profile and a slightly set back stance means concentrated pop in the tail. Its Sintered WFO Base, Frostbite Edges and Infinite RideTM  Burton-exclusive technology guarantees its durability and strength while maintaining its flexibility, pop, and feel from the first day forward, season after season considering its “Super Fly IITM, DualzonTM EGDTM and Squeezebox High” Core which creates the ultra-high performance control and response demanded by elite riders.

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    K2 Spot Lite Snowboard


    K2's Precision Lifted Baseline™ offers tight handling and a solid feel, similar to the response of camber. Its Patented Hybritech™ construction features sidewall along the running surface that flows into the nose and tail to provides low swing-weight, optimized turn initiation and durability. High end features like a 4000 Sintered base and Ollie Bar™ for added pop means you'll have an active, responsive board that is ready to slash its way to center stage.

    Signal Siren


    More of a park flavor to a traditional camber shape, the all-new Signal Siren Maiden is truly a unique snowboard. Each board has a hand painted, gloss spin top that looks crazy psychedelic! This regular camber board is soft enough to have your way with it, but the park profile poplar core will keep those ollies popping high. This directional true twin features Signal’s Durasurf tip and tail with triaxial glass on the bottom and on top of the core, while the radial side-cuts provide superior edge control. This no nonsense board is well suited for a beginner looking for a forgiving board to figure out this crazy sport on.


    Rome Vinyl


    If you are running on a tight budget, The Rome Vinyl is an all mountain snowboard and has a directional twin shaped (aka "twin tip") board which is symmetrical in shape. However, the stance is set back and tail is stiffer to make riding in one direction more stable. The snowboard can also be ridden switch, but it won't perform as well as when ridden in your regular stance. As this is an all mountain snowboard, it is designed to be able to perform adequately across the mountain.

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    Capita Jess Kimura Pro Model


    Another park inspired camber to flat shape that carves very well the Jess Kimura Pro Model is a great choice for an all mountain carver. Jess has made her mark not only on women’s snowboarding, but on snowboarding. Capita has redesigned the Jess Kimura Pro 2015 from the ground up as a true pro model reflecting the durability and maneuverability required for her passion and the rider’s progression. Key Features include: Hybrid FK, WAH-POW! Flat Kick Technology, Reverse Camber, Positive Camber, Zero Camber, Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Speed Base, and Full ABS Sidewalls with Silkscreen Graphics among others. Jess indeed has a cross gendered fan base owing to her gritty approach.

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