Best Womens Powder Boards of 2016

  • Ladies, building a quiver of boards is important to ride as effectively as possible in different kinds of terrain and for different kinds of riding styles. Do you need a powder board that keeps you high on those deep, deep pow days? Dont settle for some generic mens pow board in a smaller size. Here is a list of womens specific planks that float like a boat in water.

  • Jones Women’s Flagship

    Jones Flagship has a directional rocker nose, which helps floating in powder and improves the power of maneuverability. It also has a camber underfoot; this aids the edge hold. It has a flex rating of seven for immediate response and control. The flagship base has a master core 2.0 triple dense wood, with stringers for durability, as well as a light poplar for balanced flex and weight reduction. The laminates are carbon quadrax layups, with multiple layers of fiberglass enmeshed with carbon fiber bands for stability on steeps.

  • Nitro Slash Womens

    Nitro Slash Women’s snowboard has a tapered shape with a wide nose that helps it to float easily in deep snow. The flat profile of the underfoot, with slightly pointed tips helps to add stability and increases traction. The biax fiberglass improves flex for easy turns and increases the surf feel. The thin reflex core helps to increase flexibility and allows easy steering. The base is a speed HD formula sintered one, for durability. The power-lite core adds strength to the board and makes it a lightweight one.

  • Salomon Pillow Talk

    Salomon Pillow Talk, a snowboard for women has a flat rocker out between its bindings; this makes it a stable board with more balance for floating on ice. It has a 5-flex rating, making it highly responsive, stable, and versatile. The shape is a tapered directional one, with a tail width of 10-15mm; this improves the floating in deep snow and makes turning easier. It has royal rubber laminates inserted in the pressure zones of the sidewalls to reduce hard ground impacts.

  • Burton High Spirits

    This snowboard features a directional bend with a combination of camber and rocker in the nose, which helps it to float and have a better grip on ice. The back foot under the board helps to increase stability and power. The classic shape has a unique directional shape, with a longer nose than its tail to give you float balance, and control on rough terrains. The board has fiberglass highlights in each layer, which makes it lighter in weight and gives better turning angles.

  • GNU Beauty

    GNU beauty is the finest board on the scale of one to ten. The classic shape (a smaller tail and a wider nose) helps you to easily float in deep ice, and ride faster. The rockers are directional cambers combined with banana rocker, and mild rockers in between to give you balance, and the freedom to maneuver the board easily. Depending on the size you choose, the flex can vary from 5.5 to 6.5. The base is a die-cut one, with multiple colors to make it look attractive.

  • Ride Baretta

    Ride Baretta women’s snowboard has a softer flex, which gives a loose and surfy feel while turning. The shape features a long rockered nose, with a camber mellow zone extending from the tail. The flex rating is softer, ideal for progression and deep snow riding. It has carbon array laminates, which provide control over the board. The top is triaxial and the base is biaxial giving you torsion balance and stiffness for speeds. The base is easy to repair and highly wax absorbent.

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