Best Womens Powder Boards for 2014

  • For that small percentage of rad chicks out there, here are some great choices for Powder riding. Make sure to get in contact with us through any of our social networks or the contact form at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about binding options.

    Burton Day Trader

    For the lady that likes to shred hard, the Burton Family Tree Day Trader Snowboard is the deck that delivers. The Flat Top camber profile provides a stable platform for navigating powdery chutes, while the 12 mm of taper keep the nose up after you drop that cliff. So the next time a storm rolls through, be sure to call in sick and grab the Burton Day Trader.


    Find your 2014 Burton Day Trader at these locations:


    Nitro Slash

    The boys are going to have trouble keeping up with you on the next powder day when you're ripping your way down the mountain on the Nitro Women's Slash Snowboard. From mellow powder turns to pointing it down sketchy couloirs, the Slash is here to handle all your pow day needs. A tapered, directional shape with a long, wide nose helps it float effortlessly in the deepest snow. The Gullwing profile features rocker between the bindings with camber underfoot for a responsive ride that holds a mean edge on hardpack without compromising its ability to stay on top of powder. Biax fiberglass provides a surfy feel and Reflex core profiling thins the core between your feet to increase torsional flex for easy steering. The Powerlite core uses ultra-lightweight poplar for an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, and Profile tips are thinner at the tip and tail to reduce swing weight. The Speed Formula HD base combines the durability and speed of a sintered base with the ease of repair and wax retention of an extruded base to give you the best of both worlds.


    K2 High Lite

    If endless winters of pow and variable snow surfing are what you dream about, the K2 High Lite Snowboard is the best too known to woman. Built with BC Shaping and Tweekend™ Baseline technology and featuring the almost indestructable Bambooyah core, the High Lite sets the bar high for all mountain soft snow shredding tools. Lay down the best runs of your season with the K2 High Lite Snowboard.


    Find the 2014 K2 High Lite Snowboard at these locations:


    Jones Women's Hover Craft

    The Jones Hovercraft snowboard has been racking up awards left and right. But it's just not right that the boys get to have all the fun, which is why Jones wised up and introduced the women's Hovercraft. The shape is inspired by old school pow boards, but thanks to a heaping spoonful of modern tech, it'll handle way more than just powder. The long rockered nose yields crazy float on deep days, but camber under foot and Magne-Traction keep it stable even when it's crusty. Strap one to your feet and see what all the fuss is about. Camber between the feet keeps the Hovercraft planted at speed. The short, stiff tail keeps things in control if you find yourself in the back seat, and the long rockered nose floats like a feather in the deep, and hovers over chop when the going gets crusty. An open radius sidecut keeps it stable at speed, despite its shorter lengths. Mellow Magne-Traction places bumps along the edge, for insane edgehold, even on ice. Biax fiberglass gives it a bit more torsional flex for a smooth ride. The sintered base holds a bunch of wax, and runs crazy fast. The wood topsheet looks gorgeous, and it's much more eco-friendly than fiberglass. Between the wider waist width and shovel-shaped nose, it packs a lot of surface area into a smaller board, allowing you to downsize 6-8 cm from your normal board, without sacrificing stability or float.


    Find your 2014 Jones Women's Hovercraft at these fine locations:


    GNU Beauty

    Designed to conquer any type of terrain with a focus on freeriding and pow slashing, and featuring a graphic courtesy of Pendleton Wool Mills, the Beauty is truly a sight to behold. The C3 Banana profile features aggressive camber zones outside the bindings for powerful turns and poppy ollies, and mild rocker between your feet adds a forgiving feel and enhances float in powder. Magne-Traction edges are serrated to slice through ice likes it's fresh corduroy, so you'll be carving down boilerplate with ease while everyone else is sliding out on their asses. Gnu teamed up with Pendleton Wool Mills to create a gorgeous topsheet graphic that represents the relationship between man and nature, a theme that goes perfectly with the use of lightweight and strong aspen and Columbian Gold wood from sustainably-harvested forests for the core.


    Find your 2014 GNU Beauty at any of these fine locations:


    Never Summer Raven

    The 2014 Never Summer Raven Snowboard is the most tech, highest performance women's all mountain snowboard NS has made to date. Their NS Superlight Wood Core and Carbonium Laminate Technology have been engineered specifically for women who want a softer mid flex for torsional control but power underfoot for unmatched carve-ability. The Raven's shape features a more drawn out nose and quick tail allowing the board to plane over soft new snow in addition to blunt ends for superior maneuverability. Combine that with the NS exclusive Women's Carbonium Dampening System (WCDS) and you've got one of the smoothest, most stable rides on the market that will have you hollering 'Nevermore.'


    Find the 2014 Never Summer Raven at these locations:


    Rome Powder Day

    Dedicated to pow seekers, our award-winning women’s splitboard is back for its second year of floating and arcing turns in the light stuff. As the huge addition to MFR’s quiver, she was able to open untouched peaks and lines with the floaty and snappy Powder-S Camber. Ride more and get more without the chairlift.


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