Best Womens Park Boots of 2016

  • For the ladies out there that rip the park just as hard as the boys, these boots are a great place to start. Whether you need a super supportive boot for big air and stomps or a comfortable, flexible pair that are easy to manipulate and press on rails, there is a boot here for everyone. Check out the videos and hit us up if you have any questions.

  • 32 Women’s TM-Two

    The 32 Women’s TM-Two offers unsurpassed support and comfort to the wearer. Designed to offer comfortable team fit, the TM-Two is an excellent choice for any type of terrain. The boots have a high flex rating, which means that they respond swiftly to changes in position and motion to give you the best performance. Internal lining consists of moldable material that aligns perfectly to the contours of your foot while the use of System G2 Gel serves to minimize the occurrence of injuries and bruises to the heel.

  • Burton Ritual

    The design of the Burton Ritual women’s boot is to save time and maximize comfort. Special Speed Zone lacing means that you can adjust the tightness of fit conveniently while saving time. For the performance it provides, the Burton Ritual is quite soft and comfortable so that it can be useful for regular jogs in the park. The design also includes the Soft-Flex PowerUp tongue, which greatly aids freestyle motion. Insulation is also a feature of this boot with Imprint 3 lining material while DryRide Heat Cycle material molds the fit according to the shape of your foot.

  • DC Search

    The DC Search women’s snowboarding boot is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. The special coiler lacing mechanism gives you complete peace of mind about a secure fit. All you have to do is turn the dial to adjust the level of tightness. Medium flex allows you to wear the DC Search for medium to high intensity performance. The use of EVA foam and fleece lining on the insides ensures a convenient fit and adequate insulation. The Unilite outsole provides additional cushioning and bounce while providing the best traction possible.

  • Vans Hi-Standard

    The Vans Hi-Standard is a professional quality women’s snowboarding boot that boasts of excellent aesthetic features. The Vans Hi-Standard comes in a distinctive series of color-ways that are hard to miss. The lace hooks are double-posted with stainless steel, which makes them durable. The unique V2 footbed provides complete safety and comfort during movement while the internal web-designed harness and OTW lace locking system provides maximum safety. Insulation is effective thanks to the TriFit X thermal lining. In addition, the pleasure cuff offers additional comfort and security.

  • Vans Encore

    The design of the Vans Encore snowboarding boot is with the patented Boa Coiler lacing system, which provides extra security along the ankles. In addition, the boot offers a uniform fit that prevents unnecessary pressure on any part of the foot. The special lacing is adjustable on the go and the wearer does not have to worry about loosening laces during movement. Comfortable cuffs, flexible toe boxes, and TriFit X insulation provide a comfortable internal environment for the foot and undistorted motion.

  • Salomon Ivy Boa STR8JKT

    The Salomon Ivy Boa STR8JKT boasts of improved technology that aims to solve the problem of constantly loosening laces for the last time. This is perhaps the only model that combines Boa swift lacing technology with STR8JKT to create unparalleled convenience. In addition, Halo 2 liner foam creates a convenient fit that molds according to the shape of the foot. The Ortholite C2 footbed offers additional comfort, which aids efficient circulation while the Trinity outsole maximizes weight distribution.

  • Nitro Monarch

    The Soft Flex of the Nitro Monarch allows easy motion on all surfaces. The TLS lacing system makes the lace adjusting process a breeze while the special Bail Out tab allows you to slip out of your boots in no time at all. The Nitro Monarch offers enhanced traction against all surfaces thanks to the rubber-supplemented EVA outsole. The anatomical footbed further adds to the comfort by contributing to a closer and natural fit between the foot and the boot while also acting as an efficient shock absorber.

  • Burton Starstruck Boa

    The Burton Starstruck Boa is equipped with high-quality Boa Coiler lacing that makes adjusting lace tightness very easy and secure without the risk of unexpected loosening. The design of the boot aims to yield maximum comfort and avoid uneven pressure on the foot. The soft flex tongue and the Imprint 1 lining material provide a comfortable fit that matches the peculiar contours of your foot. Along with the insulation lining, the use of reflective foil allows the Burton Starstruck Boa to retain maximum heat to create a toasty warm environment for your feet.

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