Best Womens Park Boots for 2015

  • There is nothing hotter than a girl who rips the park just as hard as the boys. In the same note, there is nothing more vital to the comfort and longevity of the snowboarder's experience than their boots. Make sure you are riding in the right boot when you are shredding the park, or any other part of the mountain for that matter, with one of these awesome choices for park boots for 2015

    Burton Ritual


    The Ritual’s True Fit design integrates a high level performance with its latest in warmth and comfort technology. Speed Zone lacing makes entry, exit, and fit customizing pretty seamless. Besides ensuring comfort, its Total Comfort construction prevents microbial activities in the boot. The Ultralight outsoles with B3 gel enhances board feel and control. The DRYRIDE Heat Cycle and Sleeping Bag reflective foil technology helps capture body heat and keeps boot dry from sweat.

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    K2 Passage


    Possesses medium flex for all mountain progression. K2 liner provides superior ankle support, exceptional heel hold and maximum comfort that can be adjusted on-the-fly from the outside of the boot. Lacing System features a coiler auto-retracts loose cable for easy knob tightening. 3D Formed EVA Footbed with Harshmellow™ pods makes the sole soft and durable for added comfort while the Harshmellow™ elements throughout the boot reduces impact and vibrations. The Micro Articulating Cuff enhances mobility and comfort thus maintaining support.

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    Deeluxe Coco Lara


    The Lara’s Dupont® Surlyn Highback enhances durability and stability; the highback helps in determining stiffness. D-Lug outsole is designed to provide better cushioning and cradling for the rider’s feet; its dual impact zones provide enhanced traction and absorb vibrations. The flex design with a flex window provides maximum comfort and helps prevent buckling and bulging. Powerstrap adds additional support to the boot’s lacing system.


    32 Lashed


    We mentioned this in another article but its just such a good boot we thought it was appropriate to mention here too. Medium Flex. Articulated Cuff eliminates shell distortion and increases heel hold. The 3D Molded Tongue makes lacing easier for improved fit and flex. Custom molded EVA provides high impact cushioning. Has a Molded TPU heel cradle and arch support. Its light-weighted High Density Evolution Foam Outsole and Performance Back Stay provides solid flex and durability. Its Dual density Intuition foam gives comfort, warmth and added support. *** The number 1 selling snowboard boot worldwide***

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    RIDE Sage


    Another boot we mentioned in other articles as a great all mountain boot, this has an added feature- the Intuition™ Plush Foam liner for extremely soft cushioning and ultimate warmth. The Lock Down™ Turbo Liner Lacing employs a secure, no-slack mechanism to firmly keep laces in place. Cored Ankle Pockets anatomically corrects fit for ultimate heel hold. The Sage employs a speed lacing system with a reel that retracts slack in the cables; it is quick, durable and easy to use. Footbed provides solid, guaranteed support and comfort under the rider’s foot while ultra-durable sole offers solid traction and grip. A Flex Rating of 4 makes the Sage ideal for beginner to intermediate or park riders.

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    DC Search


    A flex rating of 6 supports fast riding and hard turns in all-terrain. Its liner which features an EVA Memory foam combined with its Thermal-regulating fleece lining provides excellent fit and comfort. The DC's outsole technology provides an amazing durability, dampening, and cushioning while drastically reducing weight; also utilizes an Anatomical 3D Tongue Shape for a much more pleasant fit. The snow-shredding design prevents snow build-up on boot tread and bindings. The Boa H3 Coiler Closure System provides micro-adjustability for perfect balance of flex and support.

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