Best Womens Park Boards of 2018

  • Ask any guy who snowboards, there is only one thing more attractive than a girl who rides, it's a girl who rips the park. It takes a special kind of lady to take diggers off a rail or slam off a jump and get up, smile and try again. It's even harder to look good while doing it! For these reasons, this special kind of girl needs a special kind of board to make that happen. This is a list of park boards we have tested over and over again until we were satisfied with the way they hold up. All of these boards are unique in their own way to compliment your equally unique riding style. Take a look at the list and let your friends know which board they can expect to see you on this winter.

  • Roxy XOXO

    The XOXO is a very popular board in the Roxy line and one of the top choices for riders like Torah Bright.  Featuring a rocker/camber profile, rocker in between your feet and camber under foot. This allows for a loose feel when maneuvering between turns and adjusting weight distribution as you ride while still giving you that locked in, stable feel with the positive camber portions under your feet. The Roxy XOXO also features magna-traction edges which are the serrated edges you will see on boards from brands like Lib-Tech, GNU, Roxy and Rossignol. This kind of technology really gives you the confidence you need to dig your edges into the snow and carve a beautiful turn all day long. Trust me, once you get on the XOXO you’ll be sending us hugs and kisses for recommending it to you.

  • Salomon Gypsy

    A must have from Salomon and a favorite of riders like Desiree Melancon, the women’s Salomon Gypsy is a lot like the Salomon Villain. Featuring a beautiful graphic this year along with a strong freestyle oriented camber profile, the Gypsy will make you wish you could ride forever and never have to go home.  A very strong and fast base material will ensure you will be cruising at maximum speed while still holding up if you slam. The Gypsy also has carbon fiber inlays which contribute to the liveliness and pop of the board. Don’t get left behind on your trashy old ride, get yourself a Salomon Gypsy and see what everyone is talking about.

  • Arbor Cadence

    The Cadence has made a name for itself in the park. With it’s true twin shape and moderate to soft flex, the Arbor Cadence is one of the best park boards at this price point. Arbor utilizes a camber profile they call “parabolic rocker” which basically means the rocker is gradually mellowed out as it gets closer to the tip and tail. In addition, the Arbor line uses something called griptech that is basically like a different version of magna-traction with an edge bump under your toe and heel of both feet. This adds 2 additional contact points to each side giving you a total of 4 contact points including the tip and tail. IF you are looking for a strong, beautiful park board that is going to be incredibly fun all day long, the Arbor Cadence is a great choice.

  • Bataleon She-W

    The She-W from Bataleon is their womens park board option. This soft flexing park shredder is the perfect option for the girl who doesn't want any hangups when riding rails, wants something playful and buttery while staying stable and confident on your drop ins. Featuring a twin shape and park 3BT, this board is perfect for riding regular or switch at your choosing. The She-W also has bamboo in-lays to help keep the board strong and poppy for a hella-fun ride.

  • Nitro Spell

    The Spell from Nitro is a great option for ripping the park. Whether you ride rails or big booters, the Spell is a go-to for the ladies on the Nitro team. Featuring a twin shape and flat-out camber profile, the Spell is flat throughout with a little bit of rocker in the tip and tail.  The Spell is made out of poplar wood core and power pods which are another attempt at bumps on the edges, under your feet for added control and stability through the carve. In addition, the rail killer edges are twice as thick and twice as durable to allow you to kick the crap out of this board without needing too many repairs or replacing the board too soon. But be careful, once you ride the Nitro Spell, you wont be able to break the curse of snowboard addiction.

  • GNU Ladies Choice

    A long time favorite of beastly riders like Jamie Anderson, the GNU Ladies Choice is just that, it’s the choice of all the ladies on the GNU team. Made right here in the wonderful US of A, the GNU like all features their patented magna-traction technology to help keep things stable at high speeds. Another great feature about this board is that it is A-Symetrical which means the radius of the toe side edge and the heel side edge are different in order to make the turn of either edge feel very similar. To expand on that, most people can really crank a sharp toe side turn while washing out their heel side turns, this A-Sym shape allows you to get a very similar carve from your toe side as your heel. Also, this board features their C2 camber, rocker in the middle and camber in the tip and tail for awesome control, pop and stability while shredding the mountain. Take a ride on the Ladies Choice and realize why all the ladies are picking the 2018 GNU Ladies Choice as their ride…of choice……

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