Best Womens Park Boards of 2016

  • For the ladies who need a board that can rip the whole mountain but especially the park, here is the list of our top choices for womens park boards for 2016. If you are looking for that amazingly maneuverable, forgiving ride that can jib and jump better than the rest start here.

  • Capita Space Metal Fantasy

    The Capita Space Metal Fantasy is a women’s freestyling snowboard that offers amazing flexibility and stability. Among the dominant features of this snowboard is the new poplar core that adds strength to the snowboard while the centered stance setback provides greater control and flexibility to the user. The design of the Capita Space Metal Fantasy has a twin shape and with form 6-biax glass, which makes it lightweight and convenient. ABS sidewalls and rounded ends make navigation and control easy by reducing sharp movements.

  • K2 Lime Lite

    The K2 Lime Lite women’s snowboard design offers maximum freestyle comfort and flexibility. Manufactured in varying lengths ranging from 138 cm to 153 cm, snowboarders can choose one that they can control easily. The design consists of a typical tweekened flat freestyle snowboard, enhanced with rockered tips for greater responsivity to the snowboarder. With the K2 Lime Lite, you’ll have a soft and forgiving ride that is great for the gal who wants to ride rails and be a jib star.

  • Bataleon Distortia

    Ladies, we all know that "It's all about that base" Triple Base that is! The Bataleon Distortia features their Triple Base Tech allowing you to utilize camber and rocker in just the right ways. Yes, you've heard that before but this is different. It's a full camber profile with a little rocker on the sides in the tip and tail for all the forgiveness without losing the pop. With the widest middle section, this board is perfect for freestyle.

  • YES Emoticon

    The design of the YES Emoticon snowboard offers flexibility as well as adventure to snowboarder. The twin-shaped design supports freestyling. A special feature incorporated into the design is the UnderBite edges that make it easier to slide along diverse surfaces. At the same time, the extruded base resists any damage to the snowboard. The YES Emoticon comes with a radial side cut, which adds to the variety of movements possible with this amazing snowboard.

  • Jones Twin Sister

    The Jones Twin Sister is an all-terrain freestyle snowboard. Specially designed to offer convenient and flexible movement on different types of surfaces, the Jones Twin Sister works well as a park snowboard also. The design if the snowboard is wider at the ends with a slightly narrow middle to provide more flexibility and control during movement. Additional stability comes with the use dual density materials and triax fibreglass. The unique Sintered 7000 base makes it possible for riders to execute versatile movements with excellent response.

  • Salomon Gypsy

    The design of the Salomon Gypsy snowboard is for effective use as a versatile freestyling snowboard. The design incorporates a special Rock Out Camber design that adds greater surface area for enhanced stability between jumps and other complex movements. The with Camber supports the binding inserts, which makes the Salomon Gypsy extremely responsive to slight movements especially around sharp turns and corners. It also comes with Poster Booster technology, which increases the impact on the tail of the board for mind-blowing ollies.

  • Burton Social

    The Burton Social snowboard is equipped with a specially designed Super Fly 800G Core, which offers greater strength without increasing the weight of the snowboard considerably. The Dualzone EGD design offers enhanced stability thanks to the positioning of the wood grain perpendicular to the core and heel edges. The design of the tips of the snowboard has a Pro-Tip design, which decreases swing weight and makes flexible movements easier. The Burton Social is capable of forming strong grip on most surfaces thanks to the recently designed Filet-O-Flex profile.

  • GNU Jamie Anderson Ladies Choice

    The GNU Jamie Anderson Ladies Choice snowboard has a hybrid C2 Power Banana core that provides stability during jumps. The sintered 9900 finishing supports the base, creates a smooth surface, and minimizes friction with the sliding surface. The core of the snowboard has the AG1 lightweight wood, which makes flexible movements possible with minimal effort. Along with these features, the GNU Jamie Anderson Ladies Choice is equipped with rocker to facilitate a range of freestyle movements.   Jamie Anderson Ladies Choice Snowboard 2015-2016 | GNU from GNU on Vimeo.

  • Roxy XOXO Mirror

    The design of the Roxy XOXO Mirror snowboard is with the proprietary Pickle Tech design to make the riding experience easy and smooth. The snowboard design comes with a deeper sidecut at the heel so that the rider can execute stronger turns at the heel as well as at the toes. Instead of using a single material in the core, the Roxy XOXO Mirror uses multiple materials to achieve a combination of lightweight, environmentally friendly, and superior bounce with the snowboard.

  • DC Womens Ply

    The DC W. Ply freestyling snowboard comes with a lock & load camber, which consists of a mid-section made of camber and flat contact points. This unique combination along with a centered stance setback increases the responsiveness of the snowboard even to the slightest of movements while maintaining the traditional stability associated with camber. The flat contact points provide stability when executing jumps and ollies. The extrusion enhances the base and provides a smooth surface for minimized resistance against the ground.

  • Stepchild The Pony

    The Stepchild Pony snowboard dramatically decreases the swing weight, which makes this snowboard particularly suited for lightweight riders. The design is in a true twin shape, which makes the snowboard effective on different types of surface. The core is made of poplar, which further contributes to achieving a lightweight snowboard. The poplar core also makes the Stepchild Pony easy to manoeuver on different surfaces. The hybrid camber rocker makes the snowboard highly responsive and flexible without compromising on the straight-line stability.

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