Best Womens Park Boards of 2017

  • So you're looking for a ride to take to the park and you aren't sure which one to get. Here is a good list to start with. These boards will hold up to the abuse of riding rails and stomping landings while still looking good on the hill. Some park boards are super soft and others are too stiff for your needs. Some are not quite pretty enough and others just aren't bad ass enough. There are some though, that are just right. We hope this list helps you figure out the answer to all of that.

  • K2 Lime Lite

    All eyes are on you this season as you steal the lime lite on this wicked deck. This park loving blade is based on K2's Freestyle Baseline ™. A versatile twin rocker which delivers an instant response and massive pop while letting you pull off sweet butters. This tech is enhanced with the Tweekend ™ tech which extends the Baseline Rocker all the way out to the ends of the board to give you an additional riding surface... letting you float and press with ease. The "made for women" Rhythm Core is designed to contour to women's unique riding style and stance, using the unique weight distribution to squeeze as much performance out of the board. This is then combined with the W2 Core for damping, and extra strength without adding any extra weight. Tanks to the Hybridtech ™ sidewalls construction, the board gives you smoother turn initiation and added durability.

  • Bataleon She-W

    The freestyle board parks worldwide fear. Bataleon held nothing back with this board's Mellow Jib Camber. The She-W gives you the precision carving of a camber board, and a massive surface for landing on after pulling off your gravity defying jumps. The Twin Triple Base tech gives you that fun, loose feel only a reverse cambered board can give. Carbon stringers under your feet from edge to edge loads the board with explosive pop and tight response...Without altering the board's soft flex ( a rating of 3 ) which gives you a forgiving, playful ride. All this is built onto a Light Poplar core, with Beech hardwood stringers from tip to tail for additional strength and pop.

  • GNU Hard Candy

    This Hard Candy is tailor made for the girl with a sweet tooth. The breakthrough all-terrain banana blend BTX ™ profile combines a rocker between your feet a mild camber at the contact points to give you the best of both worlds. This unique combo gives you loads of float, firm edge hold and smooth turn initiation. Because this is an asymmetrical board, the toe and heel side use different turn mechanics to compensate for your human body's naturally asymmetrical form. This gives you a more efficient and less tiring ride. The Freestyle Fla-Kick and Tail Contour where tailor made to give the board maximum jib performance. Magne-Traction ® edges give the board unreal edgehold and maximum control in the iciest conditions.

  • Nitro Firecracker

    A forgiving freestyle board for the girl who wants to set the park on fire. The Flat Out Rocker ™ profile gives you the most playful, and forgiving ride ever. The Rocker design gives you effortless float and makes turning a cinch. This is a soft flex board, so it will give you an unbelievably forgiving ride with effortless turning at cruising speed. Nitro's Power Core uses Poplar wood from tip to tail, giving you the board a lightweight feel and consistent flex for a responsive ride. The Premium Extruded FH Base gives you premium performance and high speeds without any back breaking maintenance. Plus it's durable enough for intense park riding and jibbing.

  • Salomon Gypsy

    Unleash your inner creative side and push into new terrain with this soulful shredstick. Salomon's Rock Out Camber doesn't pull any punches when it comes to dishing out premium grade performance. The profile is flat between your bindings for stability with a camber on the tip and tail sides for effortless presses. The Aspen SLCT core uses handpicked woods for the perfect blend of lightness and strength. And this is enhanced by the Popster Booster tech, which uses carbon stringers to amplify the wood's already insane pop letting you channel your power to the tip and the tail for death defying ollies. Slingshot sidewalls "absorb" your energy and keeps it locked in, only releasing it when you need it for precise reactivity underfoot. The Sintered EG base is ultra durable and fast, yet doesn't need heavy maintenance thanks to the built in wax retention.

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