Best Womens Park Boards 2014

  • 2014 is looking to be an awesome year for women's snowboarding. This is a list of boards that any female park shredder would be more than happy to get on and rip the hill with.  As the season gets closer, more brands will release their images and stores will begin to add product to their pages so feel free to come back and check up on what boards are new and have been added to this list. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, at the bottom or on the side bar, to get updates on these lists and a ton more.

    Arbor Cadence

    A rocker board designed specifically for women who take a park set of skills to the whole mountain; the Cadence supports spins, jumps, rail riding and all-mountain cruising, with a lively disposition that's hard to fathom. Kill it with this sexy shredder.


    Compare Prices for the 2014 Arbor Cadence Snowboard here:


    Bataleon Distortia

    The Bataleon Distortia Snowboard is the Eve to Batelon's Evil Twin. Besides the narrow waist to accommodate smaller feet, there is nothing 'girlie' about this board. The Distortia features a softer flex with the Twin PBT, making this a real park destroyer. Don't get carried away though, just because this board is designed for the park doesn't mean it can't ride anywhere else. Triple Base Technology allows you to ride the Distortia through any conditions, crud to pow, thanks to the division of the base in 3 parts. Crazy pop, true twin design and triple base technology makes the Distortia an easy choice for any female shredder.


    Compare Prices for the 2014 Bataleon Distortia between these dope locations:


    Capita Jess Kimura Pro

    Jess Kimura is one of the most genuine, hard working, dedicated, passionate, ass-kicking snowboarders on the planet. In 2012, Jess swept the Transworld Snowboarding Rider's Poll Awards, winning Women's Rider of the Year, Video Part of the Year, and the Reader's Choice Award. Jess has made her mark not only on women's snowboarding, but on snowboarding itself. Her fan base is genderless, and comprised of riders from different ends of the sport that appreciate her gritty approach. Highly influenced by the Birds of a Feather series, this hybrid reverse camber Jess Kimura Pro model comes in three sizes and features full-length Carbon Fiber Beams, Black Fleece additive, and a high-speed Sintered base. These boards are durable, easy to ride, float in powder, slide on rails and are as versatile as Ms. Kimura herself.


    Compare prices for the 2014 Capita Jess Kimura Pro Snowboard at these locations:


    Stepchild Mustache Rider

    You’re aggressive, you know what you want, and you know how to get it—by riding your way to the top. Mount (your bindings) on the Stepchild Women’s Moustache Rider Snowboard and experience the euphoric pop of the medium-stiff wood core. Specifically designed to meet the needs of female riders, this narrow, true twin freestyle deck is sure to release a fury of endorphins every time you jump on for a ride.


    Rome Wildcat

    Show off your wild side with the Rome Wildcat Snowboard. This board features No HangUps rocker to give you a catch-free ride that will allow you to get easy-steezy butters, but will still stay stable enough off jumps but will not wash out on landings. The Pop Core Matrix has two zones with low-density wood for a lightweight flexible feeling while also having a poplar zone in the middle for snap and response. SkateCore profiling creates a thinner board profile between the inserts in the tip and tail for the flex that you desire while being thicker underfoot for the strength and stiffness where you want and need it. Glass Impact plates underfoot will reduce compression and stress for increased durability.248689

    Compare prices for the 2014 Rome WildCat at all these fine locations:


    Burton Sweet Tooth

    The Burton Sweet Tooth Snowboard will satisfy that craving for some new flavor in women's snowboarding. With Burton's latest women's specific construction featuring Nug Raduction™ technology, Infinite Ride™, Women's True Flex Super Fly Core and Pro-Tip™, you get just as much float, stability and pop as a regular board. Flat top rocker gives you a catch-free feel and playful ride. The Burton Sweet Tooth's tasty design looks as good as it rides. This board also has the EST channel system which allows the board to flex evenly from tip to tail. That means no flat spots under your feet with the EST binding of your choice. Think about this one as the girls version of a Super Hero which is very skate oriented. Get out there and enjoy your Sweet Tooth without the cavities.


    Find your 2014 Burton Sweet Tooth at these locations:

    Evo-Logo-Green_jpg_280x280_crop_q95 proboardshopsnowboards.net_logo

    Gnu B-Street Snowboard

    The 2014 Gnu B-Street is a playful park slayer and a huge player in GNU's women's line-up.  It's a jib focused twin freestyle snowboard that performs outside the park just as well as in.  Magne-Traction technology means you can hold an edge in all conditions.  The fun poppy flex that's perfect for freestyle and it won't turn to mush when you beat it over boxes and rails.  Combine a little attitude with this classic Banana and there in nowhere you cant go or anything you can't do....the World is your playground with the 2014 Gnu B-Street.


    Find the 2014 GNU B-Street BTX Snowboard at these fine locations:

    Never Summer Onyx

    The Never Summer Onyx is Never Summer's newest addition to its line. It is an upgraded version of last years Pandora, improved and perfected. This women's specific freestyle board comes off NeverSummer's evo platform. Blunted tip and tail for low swing weight and better float in da pow. The Onyx dampening system and the Harmonic Damper in the tip and tail work in a perfect harmony to create a smooth ride that absorbs any unwanted vibrations.


    K2 Limelite

    The K2 Lime Lite Snowboard is most comfortable when dealing with kickers, half pipes, rails and any other creative freestyle situation. It's Freestyle Baseline technology paired with Tweekend™ construction allow for locked in presses on boxes and rails while Carbon Web™ provides explosive pop for gap clearing tricks. There is a huge sweet spot for this board; This board has a softer flex to help you lock in the rails but also help someone who is more of a basic rider progress into the limelight.


    Hey doll face! Compare prices for the 2014 K2 Limelite at all these fantasticly awesome locations...kay?:


    Ride OMG

    If you're a lady who laps the park all day, the Ride OMG Snowboard is the board for you. The OMG features a hybrid twin rocker that gives you the surfy feel of micro-rocker in the tip and tail, with the responsive pop you get from traditional camber under the foot, resulting in an overall stable feel. The OMG also features Pop Rods™ and Ride's proven Slimewalls® that result in a super poppy board that's built to last even when put through the damage you put your ride through.


    Compare prices for you new 2014 Ride OMG right here:


    Salomon Oh Yeah

    Pres-Sure Rocker underfoot delivers a fun pure reverse Camber that is playful and easy to ride. Great for someone who is still trying to learn boxes but great for locking in those rails and Popping off jumps has never been more fun than with the Oh Yeah, and it's skate-influenced style makes for a surfy and playful ride that will guarantee a good time from first chair to last call. Salomon designed this board with a Pure Reverse Camber for a playful and easy ride that's more forgiving and fun everywhere you go. A medium flex for intermediate riders who prefer a looser, more skate-like feelsalomon-oh-yeah-snowboard-demo-women-s-2014

    Check out where you can find your 2014 Salomon Oh Yeah at these dope locations:


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