Best Womens Park Boards of 2015

Let's face it ladies, the only cute girls on the mountain are riding harder than most guys out there. Ask any guy, he'll tell you the same story. If a girl rides well, a guy has no choice but to get down on one knee. So get yourself a real park board and show those boys how it's done

Burton Socialite


The Socialite is the little sister to the Name Dropper. All you need to know about this board is that the Filet-o-flex technology which is explained in this video is bar none the dopest thing to hit the market in a while. It keeps the board very soft, flexwise, however when you go to carve a turn with this thing, its as tortionally stiff as the highest end womens' board in the Burton line. The rest of the tech finished this board off as being a great park ride but the F-o-F is where its at right now.

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Nitro Spell


This has the flat out rocker which is basicly flat between your feet and rockered in the top and tail. A very soft park board, the Spell has a poplar core with carbon stringers for great pop being a flat/rocker hybrid. Check out what this video has to say about it.


K2 Lime Lite


In the words of the great Gwen Stefani; "This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S" The Lime lite has been in the line for a LOOOOONG time and there is a reason for it. With a similar flat/rocker hybrid, soft flex, wood core and killer graphic, there isn't a woman out there that can say no to this forbidden fruit. Check this video for more info.


Capita Space Metal Fantasy


Another great, soft flexing, flat/rocker hybrid that is going to help you progress no matter what level you are riding at. This board is great for a park slayer who wants to ride rails all day without worrying about catching an edge all the way down to the novice rider looking for a board that is going to last.

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Bataleon Push Up


Push your limits with the Bataleon Push Up! Snowboarding is not always about huge kickers and the steepest powder lines. It is about fun, spending time with your friends and enjoying the whole mountain. This snowboard comes with a soft-mid flex and a very forgiving Freestyle TBT, which is awesome for jibbing in the park.
The Bi-Ax Laminate adds stability at high speeds, and the wider side-bases give you enough uplift in the powder. Improve your skills, feel comfortable and enjoy great days with your friends!


GNU Ladies Choice


The choice of Jamie Anderson when winning Medals, the Ladies Choice is an asymmetrical thing of beauty. It's rocker in between the inserts with camber under foot to lock you right in to those big carving turns or spin initiations. Check the video below for more info.

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Salomon Gypsy


No matter where you and this Gypsy go one thing is for sure; you'll have so much fun you'll be crying. "Give me your tears Gypsy." (Borat refrence) The Salomon Gypsy has camber between your feet, cushion under foot for landings, thickened and thinned core profile for a beautiful flex.  No matter if you are looking to kill it in the park or ride the whole mountain, the Gypsy will take you there in comfort.


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