Best Womens Park Bindings for 2015

  • There's nothing like a solid park binding to keep the progression in the park moving in the right direction. Get a binding that will give you flexibility during those big grabs and presses. Here is a great place to start for solid park bindings.

    Burton Scribe


    The Burton Scribe is a fairly simple binding that has been around for a while and is great for adapting to most situations while giving a good mountain freestyle feeling. The outside has a soft flex while the inside is medium flex, giving riders a medium feel on turns. The adjustability and comfort on this is above average in comparison to others as the ‘asym’ straps allow riders to adjust to fit the foot easily. The ankle straps are also good in providing support on the outside while allowing movability on the inside. The downside to this is the response that is smooth but is not ideal for moderate to difficult turn initiation boards.

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    Union Milan


    The Union Milan is best known for their performance ideally for female riders. The highback is ideal for freestyling due to its asymmetric properties while the build is suited for women’s legs. Also customized for women, the baseplate has been softened for lighter weights and also includes Union’s ‘Trueflex’ dampening is the solution for soreness or cramps. Union holds true to their aluminum heelcup that is the strongest available without neglecting the slimness needed to avoid drag in soft snow. This binding offers mid-soft flex, ideal for the intermediate to advanced riders especially the park lovers, yet all riders should not have too many problems.

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    Flux GU


    The Flux GU has evolved from the GU15 but still manages to offer similar rides. The highback offers good flexibility due to its softness of the urethane and nylon blend but still gives enough support. This binding also offers great adjustability as it is completely tooless on top (only the disc needs a tool), has an adjustable toe ramp, and their ankle and toe straps are very comfortable as it fits well around the toe and ankle. The response is decent but without a reduced dead spot, riders have a tougher time with board bend although this binding has urethane in the edges. Despite the great support and fantastic ratchet system, riders may be put off with this binding’s shock absorption especially for flat landings that has a hard feel.


    Switchback WMNS


    The Switchback WMNS is a design for intermediate to advance level which comes equipped with all your essential features to hit the slopes. It has noback inserts for those who want to have a more skate-like feel and more powdery experience. It has one of the best straps made to fit any boot shape and provide high durability to last longer. The highlight would be the ST pad under the balls of the feet that gives a shock absorbed landing without compromising on your responsiveness. This set of bindings is highly suitable for someone who is starting to take the sport to the next level and need a progressive equipment.


    K2 Yeah Yeah


    The K2 Yeah Yeah is an excellent binding for freestylers and riders that enjoy a smooth and predictable ride. It offers good flexibility from its soft flexing highback, good adjustability, and very comfortable fit with minimal pressure points. The response is decent in the park as it gives a smooth feel especially considering that it lacks reduced dead spot. The ratchet system is decent although not on the higher end, and boot support is not that good due to the soft ankle. It’s a moderate board type and allows easy turning, but unless the feel is what you are looking for, it will not suit every rider.

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    Ride KS


    The Ride KS is made for women that are beginner riders and do not want to spend too much on their setup. It offers a soft flex and a feel for riders looking to transition from mountain to park. It has a light weight polycarbonate chasis and heelcups that correct stances. Their Wedgie footbed also aligns ankles and knees to a more natural position and also offers EVA shock pads, damp vibrations and is shock absorbent for landings. This binding also offers good comfort with ankle straps that allow an all-day session. Overall this binding is ideal for beginner to intermediate riders, not the experts.

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