Best Womens Not-So-Girly Snowboards of 2015

  • For the girl out there that is looking for a board that isn't so... pink; here you go. This is the perfect place to start. Great options that aren't so girly. Just watch the videos and figure out which board is right for your riding style. Say peace to the pink and purple shit and get yourself on some solid boards that say "Hey, I ain't one of those boring bitches."

    Nitro Fate

    The Nitro Fate is a zero camber snowboard designed for versatility that allows you to alter your fate accordingly with any terrain up on the mountain. Nitro’s All Terrain flex gives enough pop yet responds smoothly, and its Directional Twin shape is able to fulfill your needs, whether you feel like going freestyle or directional. The Fate’s lightweight Powerlite poplar core enhances power at a minimal weight, while the Reflex core profile makes turning your board an easy feat. A combination of Bi-Lite laminates and a Sintered Speed Formula HD Base makes the Nitro Fate durable, fast and strong, resisting and absorbing as much abrasion as possible as you ride those mountains with style.

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    Roxy Torah Bright Eminence XC2 BTX

    Named after Australian Olympic medalist Torah Bright, the Roxy Torah Bright Eminence XC2 BTX features the XC2 BTX profile that increases tip and tail pressure, giving you extra pop power and a good control of turns. A true twin shape not only allows you to ride regularly but also supports switching, so you can ride your way from the park and pipe to the mountains. At the center of the Roxy Torah Bright XC2 BTX stands a Light Hearted core, supported by Triaxial and Vectran laminates that resist impact effectively. A Sintered 9000 base, 5 SW Sidewalls and Magne-Traction Edges provide the best grip, speed and durability, giving you the confidence that Torah Bright had to achieve her dreams.

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    Capita Jess Kimura

    Jess Kimura has conquered her fair share of the Transworld Snowboarding Rider’s Poll Awards, and with a snowboard named after her, it is no doubt that Jess has left an impact in the snowboarding world. The Capita Jess Kimura has a Hybrid FK profile that gives you control as you ride with speed, backed by the Sintered base which increases speed enough to ride through whatever that comes your way. Full carbon beams from the tip to tail gives some extra snap and the camber underfoot with flat tip and tail makes riding a fun experience. A DS Select RFC Sustainable Dual Core with Beech inserts makes the Capita Jess Kimura one that is durable, at the same time ensuring a smooth ride, whether you’re going freestyle, park or all-mountain.

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    Flow Venus

    (It's red in our minds) The Flow Venus snowboard has a EZ-Rocker profile that is stable and agile regardless of your bindings’ position. With a flex rating of 2.5, it is suitable for freestyle riding, yet still able to support those who aim for all mountain precision. Its wood constructed TruFlex core has a carbon band placed underneath, making the riding experience a smooth and responsive one. An ABS Sidewall toughens up the board and increases its durability, while the EZ-Dual Transition Sidecut gives a more forgiving ride. Adding Biaxial Glass laminate to this, you can definitely get ready for some extra pop!


    Smokin PYT Dirt Rocker DTX

    One of the more unique design goes to the Smokin PYT Dirt Rocker DTX. This snowboard is made from a full aspen core coupled with a DTX profile which is a flat underfoot with a rocker tip and tail. This allows riders to execute jibs and spins with ease. The high durability of this snowboard does not come just from the aspen wood but also Smokin’s well-known PoP Gnarley hemp fibers. However, they did not stop there but went on to push the boundary with variable density fiberglass. Although the focus is on the durability, they also have good dampening systems, soft flex and magne-traction edges. Overall, this board is a great pick-up if you want something that lasts.

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    Technine Nine Lives

    Continuing with the cat theme; don’t be turned off by its traditional classic camber profile because the Technine Nine Lives can bring you to a whole new level. Made from poplar wood core with beech stringers, you get a light-weight, soft flex and great edge hold for your pops and freestyle which you can best obtain from your traditional camber profile. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about heavy, hard landings in the park with its enhanced durability. Topping it off with the stitched bi-axial fiberglass laminate, you will be able to execute those butter and jibs like a pro.


    Ride Hellcat

    Everything you ever wanted in a men’s snowboard but made specially for the ladies. The Ride Hellcat will wreck havoc on the mountains with its hybrid lowrize shape which basically consists of a rocker tip and tail combined with a micro-camber underfoot. This allows you to generate good energy for a playful ride full of pops but not compromising stability. The key features that separate this board from the rest of the women’s board range are Carbon Array 5 and Popwalls sidewall. This beauty is well built with 5 carbon stringers from tip and tail across your binder for the best board controls during pops and the urethane in sidewall for more pop when belting out some tricks. The early rise on the tip and tail lets you powder through rough terrains especially all mountain. This will be highly recommended for those aggressive snowboarders.


    Arbor Swoon

    Ok, this has a little bit of purple but its not that bad. Let’s have a look at the Arbor Swoon, an all terrain snowboard for women. It is a full rocker system made from poplar wood core layered with a bamboo power ply topsheet. This system gives outstanding turn initiation and a clean ride while the construct itself gives you that added lightweight feel and enhanced durability. The built focuses on the flat and long nose with a suitable, nice shape for deep snow. Besides that, the 360-degree full wrap sidewalls allows you to get that impact resistance from any rocks or stumps. Finally, we have the triax-over-biax fiberglass that boosts your precision and responsiveness for an amazing ride experience.

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