Best Womens All Mountain Snowboards of 2017

  • Ladies who need an all mountain board are looking to ride everything on the mountain without switching out setups. They want one board to do everything and this is a great place to start. Here is the top all mountain boards for 2017 as we see it. Let us know which one of these boards you love the most.


  • K2 Wildheart

    The Wildheart - designed for women, by women - frees you to ride the whole mountain, from groomers to park runs to deep powder. Everything starts with K2’s proprietary Rhythm Core™, enhanced with urethane-skinned Honeykomb™ for unparalleled durability and shaped to reduce swing weight for faster edge-to-edge transition and fluid spinning action. The All Mountain Hyper Progressive shape keeps things smooth in the tips and aggressive in the center, giving you a responsive ride that doesn’t trip up. The Carbon Web™ tech brings carbon to the laminate surface, giving you extra pop and durability. And with the Tweekend™ feature extending the rocker to the edges of the board, you get more rideable surface for superior float in deep powder.

  • Bataleon Push-Up

    The Push-Up enables you to ride the whole mountain whichever way you want. The medium center-base width provides ultimate edge-to-edge responsiveness; a solid poplar wood core with bi-axial fiberglass laminate keeps your ride smooth and trip-free; the Freestyle 3BT shape gives you even more versatility. With a Flex Rating of 4, the Push-Up provides plenty of pop while remaining forgiving on ice, packed snow and landings. Bataleon’s Composite Fleece technology adds a layer of material around the inserts of the board for more precision while the sintered base gives you speed and power when you want to put your pedal to the proverbial metal.

  • Burton Feelgood

    The Burton Feelgood is the board of choice for Kelly Clark, 2002 Olympic Halfpipe champion. The deck’s 60° Carbon Highlights and Squeezebox High core are built with carbon, which reduces the board’s weight while giving you maximum durability, control and acceleration with tip-to-tip inserts. A combination of strong woods, light woods and Burton’s DUALZONE™ tech provides elite edge-hold and high-caliber strength in a light package. The directional shape is perfect for charging down the mountain as well as floating on pow. And when you need to ride on ice, Frostbite Edges give you a solid but playful grip.

  • Rossignol Diva Magtek

    The Diva’s Lite Frame body is fitted with Kevlar®; a material usually used in body armor. It provides next-gen shock absorption to this freestyle board, and gives you a stable and forgiving ride despite the Diva’s 7/10 flex rating. In this deck, you get pop and precision without sacrificing comfort and safety - and Rossignol’s Magne-Traction edges makes sure you never slip, pulverizing ice and keeping you agile on packed snow. And with a Basalt core that’s stronger and lighter than fiberglass, you’ll get to keep this beauty for many winters to come - even as you rip park after park and slope after slope.

  • Capita Jess Kimura Pro

    This rip-tastic deck is designed by Jess Kimura: perhaps the most decorated and successful rider in snowboarding today. The Hybrid Flatkick shape gives you the strong turn of a flat deck, the pop you’d expect in a camber and the playfulness of a rocker - all in one package. The medium-flex Canadian Maple Dual Core™ is optimized for stability, lightness and plenty of ollie potential. The Dynaweave Carbon Fiber Beams is durable so you can jib, stick landings and rip the park top-to bottom time and time again. Finally, the Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Base keeps the wax on your board throughout the day so your board doesn’t go dry - even when you’re doing rail and street tricks. To get an idea of what the Kimura Pro Model can do, check out Think Thank's Right Brain Left Brain. You won’t be disappointed.

  • GNU Ladies ZOID

    The ZOID is a uniquely shaped directional board that emphasizes your stance to deliver fluid, easy turns on groomers and in powder. The Aspen/Columbian Gold/Polonia base combines light and strong woods, with enough durability to jib like the pros but enough control that you can carve and spin at will. On the technical side of things, Magne-Traction® edges ensure a solid grip on ice and sleet - but a light, trip-free experience on soft snow. Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene is used for the tail, tip and sidewalls protecting your board and eliminating trips and tumbles.  

  • Nitro Sweetleaf

    The Sweet Leaf is an all-mountain board that will get you down the slopes in style and comfort. The Roof-Chop Chamber and Diamond-Bands make the board responsive and prevent tripping, while the medium All-Terrain Flex provides the give of a softer board without sacrificing stability. The deck’s twin shape means you can ride in both directions - and stick your landings any way you want. And if you like riding parks, bear in mind that this board has rocker in the tip, tail and middle and a camber profile underneath the bindings. This means you get the pop and edge grip of a camber with the catch-free edges of a rocker; perfect for jibbing and landing air tricks.

  • Salomon Wonder

    Say hello to the Salmon Wonder: The twin shape allows you to ride and land either way, while the back-set binding stance, directional shape and rocker-camber-rocker profile give you a fun, stable board that can rip any and all obstacles in your way. The deck is Aspen SLCT, hand-picked to ensure top quality and lightness. The laminate is European-made BA MD fiberglass with 4mm Royal Rubber Pad sidewalls inserted into high-pressure areas to soften your ride and minimize vibrations. At this price point, this versatile board really is a bit of a Wonder.

  • Arbor Swoon Rocker

    Looking for an ally in your quest to rip the entire mountain top to bottom? The Arbor Swoon all-terrain deck might be the board you want. Its System Rocker provides smooth turns, controlled spins and graceful slides. The light Single Malt Core is made from sustainably grown poplar and, combined with the rocker’s shape, keeps you afloat in deep powder. Meanwhile, the Mountain Twin shape means you can ride in either direction - and still enjoy a shorter tail that gives you the kind of setback you want in deep snow. The 360° Rails mean there’s no need for tail or nose fill, and the hi-tech Grip Tech Sidecut gives you superior grip.

  • Capita Birds of a Feather

    Birds of a feather may flock together, but you're too cool to cramp your style trying to fit in. The Hybrid Camber Profile ™ takes Camber technology to the next level. You get the explosive pop and tight response of a cambered board, AND the clockwork predictability and easy turn initialization of a Zero camber board. The DS Select RFC Sustainable Dual Core ™ gives you unrivaled performance and durability. This is reinforced by the Carbon Fiber Beams which supercharge your ride with savage levels of power and pop for gravity defying ollies. Fortress ™ Kevlar Bound Sidewalls bind the sidewall and core material together in a nearly indestructible shell ( made of the kinda stuff in bulletproof vests ). As for the Base, the Wax Infused Enduro ™ Base delivers that sweet spot between high powered performance and ease of maintenance. This base soaks up the wax and lets you glide across the snow at cruising speed.

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