Best Womens All Mountain Boots for 2015

  • Women need a boot that can ride the whole mountain from park to powder with no problems. Check out all these awesome choices for a responsive, comfortable, easy to use system that is going to keep you loving your day.

    Burton x Frye


    The Burton x Frye is a collaboration of shoe manufacturers, Frye, and Burton that resulted in a leather boot built to a classic look and filled with the top tech Burton has to offer. It’s easily accessible with their Boa Coiler Closure lacing system which also gives riders simple adjustability. These boots are also comfortable as the Women’s-Specific True Fit design allows ladies to ride all day long. Lined with 3M Thinsulate Insulation and Sleeping Bag heat-reflective foil, comfort goes up a notch with the warmth provided, ideal for riders loving full day sessions. The Burton x Frye are for riders that are looking for style, comfort and performance all in one.

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    Burton Starstruck


    The Burton Starstruck are for intermediate to advanced level ladies that are looking to have the latest tech Burton has to offer and boots that can take them to greater heights. It features the Boa Coiler Closure System that allows easy adjustments that are available in single and dual zone setups, all in a twist of the dial. These boots are also designed to fit women with their Women’s-Specific True Fit Design, Total Comfort Construction and 1:1 Soft Flex Tongue. These boots focuses on fitting each woman rider perfectly, throwing away the need to break-in to the boots, getting the perfect fit each time, and letting the rider focus on the performance. Lightweight, warm, comfortable and supportive, these boots are made for the individual woman.

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    K2 Haven


    The K2 Haven boots are for intermediate to advanced riders that place comfort as one of their top necessities. They feature Intuition Comfort Foam 3D that uses a thermo-forming Ultralon standard density foam with a 3D liner bottom that takes on the shape of the rider’s foot or insole. This provides comfort as well as support, and with the medium flex of the boots, riders are ready to take on all mountain progressions. These boots adopt the Boa Coiiler lacing system that use low friction guides to easily tighten with knobs, paired with the K2 Fast-In that allows the traditional drawstrings customizable. Great for the feet, allowing focus on performance.

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    32 Lashed


    The 32 Lashed is the world’s top selling women’s boots that are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders looking to take on the difficulties of a mountain. Rated with a medium flex, the 32 Lashed gets better with the Performance Back Stay that gives a solid flex and durability to the boots. These boots also offer Level 2 Liner that provide the utmost comfort, warmth and support with the heat moldable dual density intuition liners that fits each shape perfectly. Also designed for the hardcore riders is the footbed built with custom molded EVA to cushion high impacts. With many more features included in the design of the 32 Lashed, these boots have also won the Snowboarder Magazine Best of Test Award, testament to what these boots have to offer.

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    Ride Sage Boa Coiler


    For the beginner to intermediate level riders, ladies that are looking for boots with comfort and style, the Ride Sage Boa Coiler are ideal. One of the great features is the Intuition Plush Foam which gives great plush feel for comfort with a medium-density foam. It also features the Aegis Antimicrobial Coating to remove odors and bacteria, as well as the Thermo-Formable Internal J Bars for support and warmth. The Boa Coiler lacing system is user friendly, and along with the Cored Ankle Pockets and Transition Wrap Harness, these boots give great fit and excellent heel hold while maintaining comfort and agility.

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    Salomon Pearl Boa


    The Salomon Pearl Boa are built for intermediate to advanced riders that is simple to use and offers great comfort. A key feature would be the Boa Lacing System that allows riders to quickly tighten laces and get going. These boots also use the Silver Fit which is the Auto Fit foam technology that self-molds to foot shapes. Comfort and warmth are also enhanced with the Auto Fit Foam Liner that adds high density memory foam for sensitive areas of the foot to minimize pressure points. Designed to be lightweight and give a freestyle feel, these boots are for ladies looking for easy and comfortable boots that supports performance.

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