Best Womens All Mountain Boards of 2015

  • Ladies, we're back again with the best All Mountain boards of 2015. Whether you like to ride groomers, jump in the woods or find yourself on a 2 foot powder day, these boards are all ready to keep you cruising with the least effort. Take a look at this list and let us know what you think once your decision is made.

    GNU Velvet Gnuru

    GNU Velvet Gnuru

    The GNU Velvet is one of the better all mountian boards in the GNU line. With EC2 BTX Rocker/Camber profile,  this board is ready to rip the whole mountain while still being forgiving when hitting the park or if you're still fine tuning your skills. Also equipped with magnatraction, this board cut through hard pack like a hot knife through butter.

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    Ride Hellcat

    Ride Hellcat

    With Rocker in the tip and tail and micro camber under foot, the Ride Hellcat is ready to rip the whole mountain. Carbon Array 5 combined with Pop Walls is a great way to get the maximum amount of energy out of turn and jump. When it comes to women's all mountain boards, the Hellcat stands up to the best rider's expectations while still being mindful of the feminine rider on this board.

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    Jones Flagship Women's


    The pinacle of the women's Jone's line; The Jones Flagship Women's snowboard is a directional camber / rocker profile is ready to rip the whole mountain whether its a pow day or hard pack ice. The camber setback profile allows you to drive those turns like a pro. With the best base material money can buy, its not hard to see why the Jones Flagship women's is the pride and joy to women all over the country.

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    Burton Feel Good


    The Deja Vu is a great option for anyone looking to take advantage of everything Burton has to offer for women. The Flying V profile is a great all mountain base line that shines in compact-able snow / powder days or anything in the later afternoon. In terms of hard pack ice, there are other options that would work better. But when it comes to riding the whole mountain (on and off trail) the Flying V isn't a bad option. Most Burton boards also come with a 3 year warranty with their EST Channel systems which is always comforting when throwing down the bills for this pretty girl.

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    Rome Lo-Fi Rocker


    This has to be one of the most well received graphics this year. Every woman on our team loves this graphic and we know, simply based on that fact alone, that this board will be flying off the shelves. Get your hipster glasses and your Lo-Fi Rocker board and hit the mountain hard. Out of all the profiles we have ridden in our lives, flat to rocker is one of the best all mountain boards for anything from park to bowl and everything in between.

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    Lib Tech TRS Narrows


    With XC2 BTX Power Banana/Camber blend, the Lib Tech TRS Narrow is a great option for women who ride the whole mountain with confidence. The TRS narrow features rocker between the bindings and camber in the tip and tail. This allows for pivoting and quick direction change when needed while still being able to lean into the front of the board and drive that nose through the turn. In other words; forgiving yet responsive. But beginners beware, this board is not for the feint of heart.

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    Nitro Mystique


    Similar to the Burton Flying V profile, rocker in between the bindings and camber under foot, the Nitro Mystique is a great option for the lady who wants to ride the whole mountain at moderate to higher speeds. A great price point for a stable ride to build your confidence and skills. The Mystique comes with a poplar core, biax fiber glass and an extruded base which combines to make amazingly durable ride.



    Salomon Wonder


    The Salomon Wonder is a true twin shape with a directional flex. This allows you to put some real power into those turns and get the stability you are looking for out of your board. Camber through the bindings and a mellow rocker in the tip and tail create a wonderful all mountain experience that is as forgiving as it is powerful. A thicker profile between the bindings, thinner under foot and thicker again outside the bindings allow for incredible pop through those ollies.


    Arbor Swoon

    arbor swoon

    The Arbor Swoon has parabolic rocker, bamboo top sheet, and 360 full-wrap sidewalls that all work together to create a wonderful option for all mountain women's boards. You may even notice that Arbor does their own version of magnatraction to increase the contact points under foot. The Swoon, like most of Arbor's collection incorporates a natural wood look to all their graphics. When it comes to someone who is looking to concur the whole mountain while not sacrificing their beautiful physique, the Arbor Swoon with rocker base line is where its at.

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    K2 WowPow


    A combination of the Eco-Lite and High-Lite; the Wow-Pow is a bamboo blend core board that gives you a 2 year warranty. 70% flat under foot with 30% rocker in the tip and tail allow you to ride every aspect and condition on the hill without sacrificing any response or precision. This base line has won good wood awards for over 10 years straight and there is a reason for that. Take this board to the pow and get ready to say "WOW!"



    Rossignol Diva


    If you are a Diva and love to ride hard, the Rossi Diva is all you need! This board features 5S Magnatraction which creates 5 points of contact versus the traditional 2 that comes with normal parabolic shapes. Roughly 60% camber in the middle of the board and 20% rocker in the tip and tail. Take the Diva anywhere and hell, ride it short! It's ok, this is the one time that size doesn't matter because a 140cm in this board will feel more like a 145-150cm because of the multiple contact points.

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    Never Summer Raven


    When it comes to Never Summer, all these guys do is mustache shapes. In other words, rocker in the middle, camber under foot. As you can see from this article, this hybrid shape is a great all mountain profile and to some people / brands, its the only way to go. Carbonium top sheet for integrity and pop, the Raven is a snappy little girl. What she doesn't like to do is play in the park, but that ok because the Raven wants to ride the whole mountain like it's her park.

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    Roxy XOXO


    The Roxy XOXO is a great all mountain board for the girl who likes to keep it playful all over the place. With pickle tech, this board is A-symetrical for a balanced turn in either direction. The XOXO also has Magnatraction which gives you 7 points of contact for ultimate edge hold. A true twin keeps you feeling confident whether you are riding normal or switch. You'll be giving us XOXO's when you get yourself on one of these.

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    Capita Birds of a Feather


    Coming back for 2014/15 is the Capita Birds of a Feather. Featuring the hybrid FK profile; camber under foot and in between with rocker in the tip and tail. It's a great all mountain ride for anyone who is looking to carve a solid edge in hard pack while still being able to float well on those powder days. Keep the Capita Birds of a Feather on your list of amazing all mountain boards this year.

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