Best Womens All Mountain Snowboard Bindings

  • This is a great list for the lady who rides hard on the whole hill. Take these bindings to the park, the glades, the groomers and everywhere in between and you'll be sitting pretty in any of these sturdy yet comfortable choices. Each binding has characteristics that may appeal to you more than others. Check them out and let us know which binding you are interested in and why.



  • Union Legacy

    Union has been making some of the best bindings in the world. The Legacy stands at the top of the women’s line for all mountain bindings. Responsive toe to heel transfer, comfortable straps, lots of cushion under foot and virtually indestructible ladder straps make this bindings an amazing choice for that all mountain lady.

  • Burton Lexa

    The Burton Lexa is all about comfort. The binding chassis has been cut in half and connected with an EVA foam, the Reflex system allows for up to 80% board flex under foot.  Heel hammock to keep you locked in that high back, Get a grip cap straps are loaded with rubber to keep you feeling confident. If you want maximum flex and minimum concern about which binding works with which board, this biding is an amazing choice.

  • Rome Madison Boss

    The Madison Boss is a great option for that girl who wants tons of customization and comfort in a bad ass little binding. Equipped with the Yes, I Can’t system, the Madison Boss allows you to choose your canted foot beds out for different angles. With the Boss ankle strap, you are going to be feeling as comfortable as you could possibly imagine.

  • Flux GS

    Love the colorway? You’ll love the performance even more. Flux has been the door opener for a ton of different technologies and the Flux GS is a great example. With a semi-winged highback, the GS gives you great lateral resistance for bigger ollies. UU fit secures the ends of the binding straps to the heel cups and highbacks, allowing the ankle straps to better transfer power and minimize pinching. In addition, The three dimensional shape of the F-Tech 3D Fit strap provides an excellent fit free of pressure points. It can manhandle the entire mountain. In addition, the new toe mask called F.T.M Versa is made from a softer material for a better hold. Simple yet stylish design with Flux’s own L-Guide system to hold your ladders down. 2 way fit, wear it on top of your toes or use it to mask your toes. Compatible with all boots.

  • K2 Cinch Tryst

    K2 Cinch Tryst is very similar to the Cinch CTS for men and the Flow Isis. This is another rear entry binding equiped with a traditional 2 strap design. This binding also has a hinge in the chassis to allow the binding to really open up as you lower the highback. Quick adjustments and a rigid women specific highback make this binding a quick and easy choice when riding the whole mountain.

  • Roxy Team

    Torah Bright’s binding of choice, the Roxy Team is all about keeping it simple. Minimalist design for light weight sake. Its adjustable aluminum heelcup allows you to dial-in a perfect fit to your individual boot size, while the RX-1 Super Lightweight highback gives you responsive heelside control for blasting off pipe walls and laying into carves.

  • GNU B-Real

    The GNU B-Real is a wonderfully designed a-symmetrical binding specifically for the lady who needs comfort in her life. A-sym highback, ankle strap and the Pressure relief button are all perfect reasons to grab this rear entry binding for the lady in your life. Whats the pressure relief button you ask? Ever feel like you are cranking down on that ankle strap when you’re cruising but on the lift it’s just too tight? Hit the pressure relief button and the binding will open up while you’re chilling on the lift and push it again to get dialed in and ready for another run.

  • Ride Fame

    Ride’s high end womens all mountain binding, the Fame is all about performance and comfort. This binding features the Infinity Chassis which reduces the weight of the binding and the Mini disk which allows the chassis to be narrower and really helps to flex the board well. Keep the Fame in mind when considering a new binding.

  • Switchback Up

    Switchback bindings are all about customization. Pick out different colors for your chassis, highback, the footboard, the ankle and toe straps. The Up is a great looking color way that has been pre-chosen for the lady who aint got time for that. Remove every piece of the binding without touching a thing. Take the highback off and ride no backs if you want to take this binding to the park. Best part is, the pieces never change so you can ensure that you’ll always be able to get replacement parts. Check them out!

  • Now Vetta

    Another removable highback option, the NOW Vetta is definitely a competitor for best binding innovation in the last 5 years. The idea makes sense and the bindings ride amazingly. You may notice the big blue circle in the middle of the chassis, that’s called the King Pin; connected to the toe and heel piece (those blue sections under the toe and heel) the King pin acts like skateboard trucks, slightly lifting off the board as you lean into the opposing side, this concept gives you amazing leverage toe to heel.

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