Best Beginner Womens Boards for 2015

  • Ladies, we all know that you want to stay sexy while you are out there strutting your stuff. There is nothing sexy about sitting on your ass all day. Keep up with the boys and let them know who shreds just as hard as they do with these choices. Check out this list of boards that will keep you standing strong and confident on top of your elegant ride and have the guys turning their heads and drooling like fools. Have fun ladies!

     Ride Rapture


    The Ride Rapture is every entry level girl's dream. This board provides a flat surface under foot from contact point to contact point for stability while still being forgiving. Rocker in the tip and tail will help you from catching an edge by suprise and falling when you dont necessarily deserve to.  Keep yourself confident with this awesome board from Ride.

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    Burton Social


    The Burton Social is all about keeping things way easy while still letting you rip the whole mountain like a champ! The Burton Social features flat top camber which is flat under foot and rocker in the tip and tail for ease of use and a forgiving feel. Most of the riders here at love the flat top camber profile. Keep your nose afloat in powder with the scooped tip and tail. This board is excellent for the rider who wants to take their proficiency level from novice to expert.

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    Burton Feather


    The Burton Feather features a FULL rocker shape. This is the ultimate base line for anyone who is just starting and needs a ride that will let them learn the basics with ease and style. With a full rocker shape, the tip and tail stay lifted off the snow and allow you to catch yourself by pivoting your hips whenever things are looking sketchy. Start gaining some serious speed? You'll need to upgrade. But for anyone who wants to make this sport as easy as humanly possible, full rocker and the Burton Feather is where it's at.

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    K2 First Lite


    The K2 First Lite features catch free rocker. It's flat with slight rocker in the tip and tail. This allows the board be as stable as possible while still being slightly forgiving. It's directional which means there is slightly more nose than tail. This makes it easier to initiate and finish the turn. Get ready for one of the best values for the price with the 2015 K2 First Lite!

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    DC Biddy


    The DC Biddy features a twin shape anti-camber profile for forgiveness and pop. Anyone who is looking to gain confidence on the mountain, the DC Biddy is ready to help you learn the ropes. Keep this board in mind when making your choice for a beginner board.

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    Rome Romp


    For anyone who is just starting out, the Rome Romp is a twin shape and twin stance to help you ride both regular and switch whenever you need to. With bamboo inserts, this board is incredibly poppy for jumps and coming out of the turns. The Rome Romp is where it's at for perfecting the art.

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    Rossignol Gala


    The Rossignol Gala features Amptek Auto-Turn. 20% camber in between your feet with 80% rocker throughout makes this board as easy to use as you can imagine. The slight camber in between your feet keeps this board coasting straight as you stand flat on the board while still allowing you to throw this board up on edge when needed. More importantly, this board has a significant portion of rocker in the nose and tail which allows you to keep yourself on your board and not lying on the ground so much. Great price for the Rossignol Gala as well.

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    GNU B-Nice


    Want something that will take you from beginner to expert with no problems? The GNU B-Nice has one of the best values on the hill. Magnatraction for the best stability on edge possible, BTX base line with rocker in between your feet and flat to camber outside for stability. Check out this board if you are looking to rip hard from the first day to pro competitions.

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