Best Womens Boots Under $200 for 2015

  • Ladies, you need a boot but you aren't looking to break the bank. Maybe you dont need all the crazy bells and whistles that come with an expensive snowboard boot. No one wants to fork over the cash for something they just do for their boyfriend. In that case, check out these boots and save yourself the money!

    Burton Mint


    The Burton Mint is a good choice for beginners to start out with and even use throughout a rider’s progress as there are things that riders of all levels will appreciate. Its comfort and built is good to start out with until a higher level of tech makes a big difference to the rider. It offers a medium to soft flex with a good feel as well as some response for riders to start taking more difficult turns. This boot has good adjustability due to the speed lace system providing upper and lower lacing. Since it’s a beginner boot, it does not offer good response and flex retention for frequent riders but will provide good support and shock absorption with plenty of EVA foam for flat landings.

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    K2 Sendit


    The K2 Sendit is a very standard K2 boot; an entry level boot that offers a good fit around the foot and sturdy build. It’s ideal for women that are just starting out but also for those that want to improve. It offers a medium flex and feel, with added features like the 3D Formed Tongue and EVA insole for use in multiple seasons. The comfort offered by these boots are from the Control Foam 3D liner bottom with will allow any insole and foot shape to fit perfectly. The lacing consists of easily tightened knobs and the K2 Fast-In, easily adjusted drawstring which gives riders room for customizability. As it is a beginner’s level boot, it does the job for beginner to intermediate riders but does not offer anything special.

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    Nitro Cuda


    The Nitro Cuda Boot is ideal for women that are looking to improve in freestyle as well as all-mountain riding. Equipped with all the essentials needed, these boots offer warmth and comfort regardless of how frequent you board. It has thin Dyneema loaded laces in these boots’ dual-zone lacing system as well as easy access with the TLS Bail Out system. Its design is also lightweight with the use of EVA outsoles, giving users good shock absorption on landings and thermal insulation. The light weight is also thanks to the boot’s Cloud 1 Thermacell liner which allows perfect fit and support. Ultimately, these boots deliver all day comfort and delivers performance on the mountain.


    DC Karma


    The DC Karma is a good beginner’s boot that has traditional lacing that gives a more classic feel as well as a good lesson in lacing up. It offers medium all-mountain flex which allows support and flexibility to perform in any scenario. These boots have the Red Liner i.e. EVA Memory foam and thermal regulating fleece lining, giving riders fantastic fit and comfort. Another good feature of these boots is DC’s Unilite which makes them durable, gives dampening and cushioning, all while maintaining a light weight build. This model will allow beginner riders and progressing riders to be playful and have fun on the mountain.

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    32 Exit


    32 Exit is a beginner to intermediate level boots that is designed to provide ultimate comfort. It offers soft flex, comfort fit, and Level 1 Liner that will give riders a custom fit, warmth for all-day sessions, comfort and support for the new riders. It also offers Level 1 Footbed made of EVA to add on to the warmth and comfort of these boots, but it still remains lightweight which is perfect for getting the best performance. Overall, these boots are good for picking up the basics.

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    Ride Donna


    The Ride Donna is one of the best boots for ladies that are starting out as beginners or when comfort is the utmost priority to the rider. It’s great for riding the whole mountain as these boots have soft flex. It also offers great support on the ankle and heel with the Thermo-Formable Internal J Bars. With the In2grated construction, these boots are on top when it comes to being light weight performance boots, added with the Intuition plush foam liner that gives a plush feel and a net fit for all day comfort. These boots also offer the traditional lacing system and Lock Down mechanisms for better foothold. These boots are easy to use and built with simplicity to allow riders to build a good foundation and focus on improving.

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    Salomon Scarlet


    The Salomon Scarlet is the most value for money boot for women that are either at beginner or intermediate level. At an affordable price, these boots make the latest technology available. One of which is the Bronzse Series Liner which offers multi-density foam around the entire food, providing fantastic comfort and minimal soreness. The soft-medium flex works well in the park but also supports performance on the mountain, ideal for learning on a comfortable ride. These boots also give great support with their QuickLock Lacing that gives comprehensive support along with simplicity. These boots are great for beginners that need comfort but enjoy performance, all within a budget.

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