Best Womens Beginner Boards of 2016

  • Ok, so it's your first real board and you need something that will help you get better but will last when you improve. You need a board that's forgiving and easy to use and wont break the bank in case things go south and you sadly quit or Check out this list of boards that will keep things affordable and easy to ride.

  • Capita Magnolia

    Inspired from the design of the ever-famous Outdoor Living Series of men's accessories, the Capita Mangolia Snowboard for women is for every kind of woman. Whether you are a professional rider or a newbie, the balance, support, and control this snowboard offers is like no other. It has a 5-Flex rating because of the smooth slides it allows on all kinds of mountains. The radial side-cut allows a balanced centered stance. The carbon Kevlar reinforcement and its strong wood core offer flexibility for freestyle riding.

  • Rossignol Myth

    Slightly softer than many other beginner boards, the Rossignol Myth snowboard is a rocker. It has a small camber between the feet, which makes it more stable. The board is ideal for entry-level riders and minors. The 3 out of 10-flex design and its true twin shape make it look innovative and appealing. It has a medium flex range. The camber shape offers the user a hard-carving edge on firm snow. The camber underfoot enhances turnability and the rockered tip and tail add balance.

  • K2 First Lite

    For snowboarding on a sunny hill, the K2 First Lite snowboard is ideal because of the Catch Free Baseline it has. This design makes it stay flat and adds a bit of rocker at the tail and tip. This makes the snowboard more stable, controllable, and catch free. It has the All Mountain Dual Progressive share W1-K2's W1 core makes it durable. The 2000 Extrude base adds to its durability. Sidewalls are hybritch, which make it efficient, durable, and offers smooth flow.

  • Burton Feather

    The Burton Feather has a tapered shape with a wide nose and narrower tail. This allows more flexibility and increased floatation. The snowboard is ideal for deep snow. The Super Fly core technology makes it lightweight, even with layers of wood that create a vertical sandwich that makes the response snappy. The Burton Squeezebox Low feature improves balance and performance by adding power to the thinner, and making the board flexible. Its extruded base makes the snowboard faster than many others do.

  • Nitro Lectra

    The Nitro Lectra is a chic snowboard, with the All-Terrain Flex feature, which allows better control. The rocker type is Zero (Everybody Camber), which is stiff. It allows users to enjoy both reverse and normal camber, with excellent response. It has the All-Terrain flex pattern that allows smooth response on sloppy mountains. The Directional Twin shape makes it have a slight setback, which is ideal for freestyle domination. The Bi-Lite Laminate adds strength and style to this snowboard.

  • Salomon Spark

    The Salomon Spark may be 5cm shorter but it is 1cm wider than others are. It offers more stability, allowing users to play with the maneuvering of this snowboard. It has the Flat Outer Rocker with an improved rocker tip and tail. The Flexing rating is two, which means the snowboard has more flexibility and comfort for intermediate and beginner riders. The True Twin shape is a freestyle one, with symmetrical core profiling, centered binding stance, and flex. The low-density fiber makes it lighter and durable.

  • GNU B-Nice

    This is a BTX-GNU rocker type snowboard for women. The camber is flat to mild, which allows perfect balancing. Its Flex Rating is between 4 and 5, and varies with size. The True Twin snowboard shape makes it ideal for riders of all kinds because of the symmetrical arrangement. The Core comprises of Great Lakes Aspen, which makes it strong, denser, lighter, and smooth. It also has Colombian Gold Core, which makes it extra-light and gives it the golden color.

  • Roxy Sugar

    The Roxy Sugar Snowboard is a friendly and fun one without camber on the tail and tip. The traditional radial side cut makes it slower than others do, which is ideal for beginners and intermediate riders. The All Mountain True Twin shape makes the tail and nose symmetrical and balanced. The Biaxial laminates add to its beauty. Its core is Kind Hearted, which is a bit softer and lighter. With the 5SW sidewalls, the snowboard is bombproof. It is a faster and durable snowboard.

  • DC Biddy

    The DC Biddy has medium Flex Rating of 5, which makes it a fun and supported snowboard. The Radius 2 Flat shape allows users to maintain a balance in deep snow. It makes turning smooth and effortless. It has the Wood Reinforced Astro Core that gives it a butterfly feel. The Bi-Ax laminate with glass material allows better control and adds aesthetic appeal. The 3-degree Bevel edges are at an angle that is 30 less than 90o. This adds more flow and makes the ride catch-free.

  • Ride Rapture

    Being a 2/10 on the flex range, the Ride Rapture is all a lady needs to stay confident on the hill. With a LowRize rocker, the Rapture is a forgiving ride for the person who may need to correct their movements as they make their turns. In other words, this board wont punish you for messing up as others may.

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