Best Womens Beginner Boards of 2017

  • Girls, if you are looking for your first board that will keep your bank account safe and still let you enjoy the mountain with your friends, check out this list of boards for 2017. These are the best beginner boards for girls this year and they aim to please. Let us know which one you might go with!

  • K2 First Lite

    Put your learning on warp speed with this lightweight board. K2's Catch-Free Baseline ™ eliminates catches by bringing the contact points out of the snow. The rocker profile gives you extra confidence as you push through the learning curve by unlocking your full potential whether you're still starting out on the greens or pushing into the blues and reds. The W1 Core strengthens the board while dishing out ample pop and a snappy ride. This is backed up by Biaxial Fiberglass laminates for a balanced flex and high performance which won't hinder your practice. The Patented Hybridtech ™ sidewalls uses a sidewall along the running surface to give you smoother turn initiation and reduced swing weight, while making sure you have firm edge grip on icy conditions.

  • Rossignol Myth

    A mythical board known to ease the learning curve. The award winning Amptek Auto Turn Rocker ™ combines softer tips and a softer waist with 20% camber between your feet for solid edge grip and reliable stability. The 80% rocker at the tip and tail give you an easy ride in all snow conditions so you can focus to getting good, not on trying to make the board turn. A single wood is used in the core. Vertically laminated to give you massive durability and supreme comfort, while the Glass fibre construction makes the board ultra durable while injecting it with loads of pop. The ABS tech is built into the core to protect it from moisture, keeping the board's pop and flexibility from getting spoiled over time. So you know your board will have that "new board" pop season after season.

  • Burton Genie

    While the genie won't make you a pro-boarder in 3 easy wishes, it will put your skill progression on steroids. The Flat Top ™ rocker gives you an ultra stable platform with a catch free tip and tail. The board has a Twin Flex profile, giving it perfect symmetry from tip to tail so you have an easy ride as predictable as clockwork. Burton's FSC ™ Certified Fly ® 900G wood core makes the board unbelievably lightweight without weakening the board or scrimping on the pop and flex. The core performance is then enhanced by the Squeezebox Low technology, which uses a blend of thick sections for raw power and thinner sections for flexibility. This gives you unmatched responsiveness and smoother turn initiation while making sure the board is durable enough to survive your beginner phase. And for the cherry on top, the Channel ™ binding system gives you true control of your stance on the board, while making it easier to adjust the bindings for the perfect fit.

  • Bataleon Feelbetter

    If you're feeling down the feelbetter will boost your spirits and melt any doubts you had about your skills. The Mellow Jib Camber has been modded with Bataleon's 3BT tech to give you the best of both worlds. By melding the insane pop and stability you'd expect from a full camber, with the playful feel of a rocker. Al while giving you the most catch free ride of your life. The lightweight Poplar wood core not only gives your board a light weight feel with little swing weight, but it also maintains it's "new board" feel season after season. And to round of this package the extruded HTP base makes the board so easy to maintain, even a baby could do it. So you can focus on getting good, and not on the equipment.

  • GNU B-Nice

    Just because it's called the B-nice doesn't mean you have to play nice when you're progressing. The Banana Technology all terrain rocker system gives you a solid platform to learn on. Using a Rocker between your feet, and a mild camber to the contact points. This gives you ample float and easy jibbing, while the extra pressure between your feet give you enhanced edge hold and easy turns. The Aspen & Columbian Gold wood core gives the board lots of lively pop while keeping the board ultra light. But that's not all, the core has been reinforced with Bi-ax / Tri-ax glass and fibre laminates for a massive strength boost. The state of the art UHMW tech has been used on both the sidewalls, tip and tail making them virtually bombproof. Combine this with the Eco-Sublimation Co-Extruded Base for extra strength and speed.

  • Nitro Lectra

    This board will give your progression to mastery a major Nitro Boost. Nitro's Flat-Out Rocker ™ uses a distinct hybrid flat camber profile. This lets you pull off effortless turns and catch free rides thanks to how the nose and tail lift off before the traditional contact points. This rocker profile also gives you boatloads of float and a surprisingly stable ride in any terrain you tackle. The Powercore uses tip to tail poplar wood for the perfect balance between weight and strength... while spring-loading your power for massive pop. Combine this with the All-Terrain Flex pattern and you get an extremely lively board with precise response. For an extra power boost to this beginner friendly monster of a board, the Bi-lite laminates reinforce the board while adding making the board more forgiving to ride.

  • Salomon Lotus

    Dominate the mountain with the splendour and grace of a lotus flower. Salomon's Flat Out camber focuses on giving you absolute stability and lightning fast response. Combine this with the soft flex pattern for a skate like feeling and easy turning at low speeds. The Full Length Certified Aspen wood core keeps the board light as a feather. While the BAMD and BALD fibre tech make the board even lighter, strengthening the boards for increased durability. Making sure the boards keep their playful new board flex forever. Also, thanks to the board's Directional Twin shape you can progress your skills in both forward AND switch. And the Radial Sidecut gives you consistent response and feel regardless how you're riding.

  • Arbor Poparazzi

    Arbor's System Rocker ™ design gets rid of the effort needed to release and re-engage a snow board's outside contact points. Because of this, you get loads of float in powdery snow and smoother turn initiation in all conditions. The Parabolic Rocker ™ system makes it easy for you to engage the outside contact points to unlock the boards full power for higher speeds and bigger landings. The Single Malt Core used in the board delivers long lasting durability, so you can ride it season after season with no stress. Biax Glassing give the board an additional strength boost and extra pop, creating a lively platform for you to learn. The Grip Tech Sidecut ™ give you firm edge grip as you're perfecting your carves so you don't catch an edge. ]

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