Best Womens All Mountain Boards of 2016

  • For those ladies looking for 1 board that will do anything and everything we have the list. This is the best womens all mountain boards of 2016.

  • Bataleon She-W

    The Bataleon She-W comes with a core reinforced with hardwood to add stability during motion. The snowboard also comes with 3BT technology, which consists of upturned sidebases and camber used along the length, which increased responsiveness and flexibility. Camber also has the added advantage of adding more bounce and spring for a more exciting snowboarding experience. Along with a true twin shape, the Bataleon She-W has a wide centrbase; it is able to retain stability during freestyle movements and jumps.

  • Capita Jess Kimura Pro

    As if Jess Kimura’s name isn’t enough, the Capita Jess Kimura Pro has roped in master rider / awesome artist Peter Line for the cool party kitten in space graphics that stands out ever-so-greatly at first look. If that doesn’t intrigue you already, Capita has designed the board with a responsive, lightweight and snappy Canadian maple and poplar core wrapped in Dynaweave fiberglass. Its construction and carbon fiber inlays also make the board a durable and maneuverable one. If you’re looking for performance and progression on the mountain, the Capita Jess Kimura Pro will not disappoint.

  • YES Hel Yes

    YES is back with the updated and improved Hel Yes while retaining what Helen Schitini fell in love with way from the beginning - directional freeride. The board has a directional camrock profile, directional shape as well as a sintered true base. YES has also included an UnderBite outline for more drive, arc and traction to be extracted from any sidecut. At the core of Hel Yes lies a lightweight poplar and bamboo core, making sure that your ride is as lively as it can get.

  • K2 Bright Lite

    Never be afraid to lose your way on the mountains with K2’s Bright Lite. Featuring an all terrain baseline and softer flex, the board is more forgiving and playful, yet it doesn’t lose performance and helps you progress with ease. Apart from a weight-reducing W2 core which is made out of various wood species to give you pop and strength, K2 has also designed and shaped a board that better suits the female’s finesse. Biaxial glass laminates and hybritech sidewalls ease turn initiations and increase performance too. At the bottom of it all lies a 2000 extruded base, making the K2 Bright Lite a fast, durable and easy-to-maintain board.

  • K2 WoWPow

    With its all terrain baseline, the K2 WowPow provides float through soft snow and eases turns even in seemingly impossible terrain. Tweekend technology extends the baseline rocker to provide more rideable surface while also increasing stability when you float or land. K2 has constructed the board with a lightweight but durable WH4 Honeykomb and Rhythm core, which is designed to follow women’s contour and support the riding style. The WowPow also has hybritech sidewalls that further increases durability while also reducing swing weight.

  • Nitro Mystique

    Featuring the unique Gullwing rocker, Nitro’s hybrid camber profile with camber under the feet and rocker in the center, the Mystique allows you to explore and progress from floating in the powder to pressing in the park. Bi-Lite laminates and an all-terrain flex provide terrific response, supported by an extruded FH base that gives speed, durability and requires minimal maintenance. Nitro also designed the board with Powercore II, a combination of poplar and beech wood stringers that increase performance and snap. No matter your style or skill, the Nitro Mystique will allow you to adapt.

  • Rossignol Diva

    Rossignol Diva is back and is looking very much like a diva. Aesthetically, it is unique with the Lite Wood Core which has a naturally backlit TPU running around the edge. However, the looks isn’t where it stops because this also gives the board excellent dampening properties for all mountain riding. This intermediate-advance board gives really good confidence on any surface and feels almost like riding a board with suspensions. Rossignol’s Diva also provides good grip and quick turns with its RadCut with Magne-Traction and Basalt Fiber. An extremely good board for charging and carving in any conditions.

  • Burton Feelgood Flying V

    Feel the fun of riding with Burton’s Feelgood Flying V! With its Flying V rocker profile, the board gives you edge control while being playful, poppy and snappy. Its directional shape makes turns easy and increases stability, with 60° Carbon Highlights from tip to tail for more torsional flex and reduced weight. Burton also included the pro tip which reduces swing weight. Squeezebox technology in the Super Fly II core makes the Feelgood Flying V lightweight, predictable and responsive, making sure that you get the performance you want. Last but not least, Burton has also added frostbite edges that provide you with more grip in icy conditions, so that you don’t have worry about losing control.

  • GNU Klassy

    If you want to stand out, GNU Klassy is the choice for you. Not only does it look flashy, this intermediate to advance board can give you the performance edge you desire. It is made with a rocker centre with camber underfoot for aggressive rides. The True Twin shape and mild flex makes the board very responsive on all mountain. The edges and sidewalls is made with Ultra High Molecular Weight that integrates with Magne Traction for great impact resistance and edge hold. GNU Klassy is made tough with the Aspen core with Golden Poplar, sintered base and laminated with biaxial / triaxial fiberglass. This board is bound to give you an experience to remember.

  • Roxy Banana Smoothie

    Smooth like a Banana Smoothie is exactly what this board is all about. Roxy’s Banana Smoothie is a true twin, mild flex playful board that gives riders easy transitions for those who love to ride switch. It is built with a mild rocker in the middle, elliptical camber underfoot up to the tip for more pop, powder float and control. It is well equipped with Magne Traction and Ultra High Molecular Weight sidewalls for durability and better edge control. The board is further strengthened with its Sintered 9000 base and Full Heart Core which is a good mix of strong yet lightweight material. To top it off, it is even laminated with triaxial fiberglass.

  • Smokin Fawesym

    Smokin Fawesym is the women’s model of the Awesym. It is a rocker centre with camber tips and is asymmetrical in shape as the name suggests. This board has a medium flex and the toe edge is slightly longer than heel edge. This gives a more playful and natural riding experience because of the grip you get from the toe edge. Smokin has also been very successful with their Magne Traction which is a seven contact point along the edge to give more contact to all snow conditions. It is designed with aspen core, sintered base and a 3 stage dampening build. Overall, this board is very playful and suitable for pops, jibs and jumps because of its well designed flexibility and stability.

  • Arbor Poparazzi

    The Arbor Poparazzi is a beginner to intermediate board that is shaped with a parabolic rocker profile designed with the outside contact points closer to better grip the snow.  The Grip Tech also makes it smooth and easy to ride even at high speeds. Its medium flex and mountain-twin design makes it a solid board to ride on any conditions  from ice to powder. The durability of the Arbor Poparazzi is always reliable with poplar wood core, bamboo inlay and extruded base combined with 360 degree full wrap sidewalls. Now here’s one for the women who want to have both versatility and a bit more edge when it comes to making turns.

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