Best Womens Park Bindings of 2017

  • Do you kill it in the park? Are you looking for a binding that performs just as well as you do? These bindings are here to hold you in and keep you looking good while out on the hill. Check out our list and tell us which ones have your interest!


  • Burton Escapade

    Ride the entire mountain like an expert in these ladylike bindings. Medium-Stiff (6/10) flex and Flex™ bindings offer soft play with extra support for all-terrain riding. Hi-back hammock technology in the heel provides a suspension system that cradles your heel like a baby. Single-component construction of 30% short-glass/nylon composite keeps the binding lightweight and responsive. Kickback Zero Forward Lean Hi-Back design and SuperGrip Capstrap™ on the toe provide an ergonomic wrap for your entire boot. Women’s True Fit™ is constructed specifically for a woman’s foot and is especially well-suited for women with smaller frames. Double Take buckles with insta-click make quick work of getting in and out. Cushioning, gel and a dampening pad make your ride feel rather cloud-like, whether riding through fresh powder or slush.

  • K2 Yeah Yeah

    Support for the aggressive ride and flex for playing, these all-terrain bindings are prepared for whatever you expose them to. Woman-specific Peaceback™ high backs feature an EVA calf pad that contours to fit each unique calf and flex that moves with the body. Medium flex rating (4/10) makes the bindings responsive and provides support where you need it. Reinforced nylon and fiberglass A-line GF baseplate keeps the bindings lightweight and flexible. Canted seamless footbed dips inward at a 3 degree angle, keeping the foot on its natural slant. The support on the outside of the foot braces your shifting weight on the downhill. Caddi ankle straps, a universal toe strap and Mega RADchet buckles provide the easiest fit over boots and quick in-out.

  • Union Juliet

    The do-it-all Juliet provides ergonomic comfort and tender loving foot care that will have you asking, “Romeo who?” Symmetrical 3D straps with aluminum buckles distribute the pressure over the top of the foot for added comfort. Medium flex (5/10) provides a happy medium for all-mountain riding. Juliet Highbacks are designed to be anatomically correct so you can control your ride. Full coverage EVA foam base with dual bushing densities provides durability, dampens impact, and flexes at the same time. Canted gas pedals provide better alignment between knees and ankles as well as leverage for tricks. Extruded 3D aluminum heelcup cradles the heel in a way that minimizes toe drag. All the adjustments to these bindings can be made without tools.

  • Switchback Static

    Every lady feels like Cinderella in these bindings that fit her foot just right. Make tool-free adjustments to the ladderstraps, high backs and baseplate padding to find your perfect match. The secondary suspension strap distributes pressure over the top of the foot, alleviating pain points. Super responsive for jibs. Less material at the heel and toe ends and a minimalist baseplate design offer optimal flex underfoot and unimpeded power transfer. ST padding, generous heel pads and baseplate bumper corners absorb the impact from your landing. The big ol’ hole in the removable highbacks serves several purposes: it reduces overall weight, provides rigid support and offers flexibility.

  • Now Vetta

    The Vetta makes “you throw snow like a lady” a compliment. The Skate Tech design of the Vetta bindings mimic the turn of a skateboard. The kingpin creates a fulcrum for better power transfer, less vibration, and decreased foot fatigue. Be kind to your calves and your natural leg angles with the flex-hinge highback with contour EVA padding. Single-injected EVA (SIEVA) straps, including a 3D minimal toe strap, and flushcup technology take care of your feet for hours of comfortable riding. The the Buckles 2.0 can take the beating! As an added bonus, all adjustments to the straps are tool-less. Hanger 1.0 nylon with 15% fiberglass reinforcement keep weight to a minimum and durability to a level you trust. A medium (5/10) flex rating makes the bindings perfect for all-mountain freestyle riding.

  • Salomon Vendetta

    You’re invited to a ladies’ only foot party! First, your feet will thank you for the full autofit padding in the 3D supreme straps and lock-in toe straps. Then, you’ll be impressed by how the HB filter and full EVA platform absorb vibrational shock. The 30% composite construction provides a soft flex rating without sacrificing durability or performance. Integrated Mounting System (IMS) allows you to adjust your bindings without unscrewing your disc. Elasto highback, consisting of a polyurethane PEBAX blend, offers a slightly shorter and narrower build for a woman-specific fit. No boys allowed!

  • Flux GBP

    The brainchild of Flux and Tyler Lynch, these bindings put your joy of the ride into words. Lynch’s philosophical artwork says it all: “Everything is perfect. It depends on how you look at it.” The solid medium flex highback is composed of Super Tough Nylon. The Baseplate features a toolless lever with adjustable toe and heel cushions that put the padding and support right where you want them. The straps feature F-Tech 3D fit straps, Alpha ratchet buckles, L-Guide and UU Fit. No part of the mountain is off-limits to what these bindings can do.

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