Top 5 Sunglasses Every Snowboarder Wants

  • Here in the states, we are well into the summer season. If you can't escape from the heat, embrace it! But don't forget to wear some protection. Grab a pair of shades, head out there and show that beach body off. Check out our favorite choices of the year. (Obviously all of these models come in a range of different colored frames and lens'.)


  • Spy Discord

    The Spy Discord can come with Spy’s Happy Lens technology to protect your eyes from bad rays of the sun. Keeping you fresh and rejuvenated as well as all around happy. Because lets face it, you deserve to be happier in your life. Fashionable yet functional, the Spy Discord is where its at this summer for Spy optics.

  • Electric Knoxville

    One of the most popular models in the line, the Electric Knoxville is a great pair for anyone looking to look good while they ride, whether its a bike, a board or a boat, get yourself a pair of Knoxvilles this summer.

  • Oakley Holbrook / Holbrook Metal

    As always, the Oakley Holbrook has been killing it in the streets this summer. A very popular choice, the Holbrooks are top choices for riders all over the world. 

  • Dragon The Jam

    Love to surf or swim? Hate the idea of losing your shades in the ocean? This is the answer to your problems! The Jam from Dragon Alliance is the first in their line to be designed with buoyancy in mind. Yes that’s right, these shades float, so if you take a dip, The Jams will rise to the top. Get your Jams before they run out.

  • Smith LowDown

    The LowDown by Smith is amazingly functional for the price. It’s one of the only glasses in this list and in most “Lifestyle” models that has grips! How annoying is wiping the sweat from your nose, you don’t need to worry with the LowDowns. A great pair for any occasion.

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